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About Us

Passageways is a software provider that for 15+ years has focused on delivering enterprise solutions to banks that improve governance and connect bank employees.


OnBoard Virtual Board Meeting Software:


Board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated. The OnBoard board intelligence platform transforms complicated processes so boards can focus on what matters most: Realizing their vision for the organization. Experience a board portal that makes decision-making easier with a system of record for directors, executives, and administrators and intuitive data and analytics on any device, in any place, at any time. Test before you invest with OnBoard’s no-strings-attached free trial or join a group demo!


OnSemble Employee Intranet:


OnSemble is more than an employee intranet that keeps everyone connected – it's a digital workplace that makes employees feel valued. OnSemble is a modern digital workplace that keeps your remote teams engaged and acts as the culture champion for your organization. With no programming experience necessary, get started with OnSemble's drag and drop interface that allows you to fully use your imagination to design pages that reflect your culture without entering a single line of code. OnSemble will transform how your company communicates, collaborates, and connects. See a Demo or See how OnSemble Inspires Employee Engagement!


ICBA Member Advantages:

• A 10% discount on OnBoard board portal
• A 10% discount on OnSemble employee intranet