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About Us

About Us

Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same company, same innovative network, same dedication to the banking industry.

Having built the largest bank network of its kind, we’re a trusted ally to community banks that never competes with banks for their customers and that helps financial institutions to attract and maintain valuable customer relationships, grow reciprocal deposits, manage liquidity and generate fee income, diversify funding, and reduce collateralization. Work with the market leader to grow profitability and increase franchise value.


Program Features

IntraFi Network’s relationship-building, liquidity management, and funding solutions include: IntraFi Network Deposits (formerly ICS, CDARS and IND deposits) and IntraFi Funding (formerly ICS, CDARS, Insured Overnight Funding, and IND). Same great products, only the names have changed.


IntraFi Network Deposits: IntraFi Network’s innovative balance-sheet management solution — known as IntraFi Network Deposits empowers institutions to increase profitability, grow franchise value, manage liquidity more easily, and serve customers better. Banks can use IntraFi Network Deposits to:

  • Grow valuable relationships by offering access to expanded FDIC insurance on deposits placed into DDAs, MMDAs, or CDs (with or without keeping the underlying deposits on balance sheet)
  • Manage liquidity and generate fee income by selling excess deposits
  • Reduce collateralization, improving liquidity and returns


IntraFi Funding: Our tailored funding structures enable banks, large or small, to purchase cost-effective wholesale or retail funding – deposits, not borrowings – without credit lines, collateralization, or stock purchases. And your bank can utilize single or multiple offerings and switch between them as needed, all while benefitting from the scale and diversification of the largest bank network of its kind.


ICBA Member Advantages

  • Access to free, web-based seminars
  • Go to market checklist – individualized strategies for community banks
  • Operations training

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