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355 Lexington Ave., 3rd Floor
New YorkNY  10017
Phone: (866) 458-1193
Fax: (888) 217-7386
ICBA Member: 9 years
Preferred Service Provider Select Member
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Mr. Joseph Rashid
Key Account manager
(866) 458-1193

About Us

Travelex has been an ICBA Preferred Service Provider since 1982 and is a global leader as a foreign currency provider. Offering travel money provides ICBA member banks with a range of travel money products traditionally available only at larger banks, while increasing the bank’s bottom-line. 


Program Features

As a worldwide leader in foreign exchange, Travelex offers banks foreign currency services. There are more than 80 currencies available and orders are shipped via next day delivery. Banks earn up to 2% commission and satisfy the needs of their customers by providing this desired service.


Free Training – Travelex trains branch staff for free and the FX Specialist Program keeps them “in the know” of currency trends and alerts with a monthly newsletter.


Currency Online – Travelex offers easy ordering for bank customers by allowing them to order from the bank’s website, increasing sales and service by reaching those customers that use 24 hour online banking. Tellers can also order currency for customers using Travelex’s easy website tool before 8:00pm Eastern time and receive the order the next business day.


ICBA Member Advantages

  • Access to the FX Specialist Program 
  • Multi-channel delivery options
  • Commission payable on foreign currency sales
  • Free informational and training webinars
  • Dedicated ICBA bank support


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