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About Us

As a Preferred Service Provider serving community banks, ProfitStars® brings ICBA members education, exclusive incentives, and core-agnostic technology to truly support your focus on the needs of today's modern customers.


Coronavirus Update

In response to the CARES Act, Jack Henry has enhanced our lending capabilities with the specific functionality your institution needs to support the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), as well as loan forgiveness.


Program Features


CECL Solutions


CECL DataStore and Validation℠ – An efficient solution that helps you meet the daunting data collection and validation tasks associated with CECL regulations.


CECL Analysis and Reporting℠ – CECL compliance modeling with loss projections down to the instrument level.




Jack Henry Lending - all-digital loan origination and portfolio management that enables lenders to create, underwrite, and manage business relationships – elevating the borrower and lender experience.


Conversion Solutions


Enterprise Conversion Solutions – Reduces costs and saves staff time by securely converting and importing your legacy systems data, as well as M&A content, into current platforms.




Remote Deposit Anywhere™ (RDA) – Mobile remote deposit capture.


Remote Deposit Complete™ (RDC) – Web-based remote deposit capture with ProfitStars’ proofing and balancing services.


JHA SmartPay mRDC – Enables business account holders to conveniently deposit checks anytime, anywhere using camera-enabled smartphones and tablets.


JHA EPS SmartPay Biller Express – Strengthens customer relationships by simplifying billing and payment collection, reducing the cost of the accounts receivable process.


RemitPlus® – Electronic check, remittance, and lockbox processing.


Ensenta Business RDC – Mobile℠ – Commercial mobile remote deposit solution compatible with camera-enabled iOS and Android mobile devices.


Ensenta Consumer RDC – Mobile– Consumer remote deposit capture solution compatible with camera-enabled iOS and Android mobile devices.


JHA SmartPay mRDC(Mobile Remote Deposit Complete) – Commercial mobile remote deposit capture solution built exclusively for businesses.


Online & Mobile Banking Solutions


iPay Business Bill Pay™ – A full suite of online financial management solutions designed for your small businesses.


iPay Consumer Bill Pay™ – Supports single or recurring payments and easily integrates with any internet banking provider.


Banno Digital Platform – Works across users’ devices and is developed with industry-leading technology to deliver a seamless, fast, and forward-thinking experience.


Profitability & Pricing


Customer Profitability & Pricing℠ – An enterprise-wide data solution to determine who your most valuable clients are and ensure the pricing and rates you set drive profitability.


Web Solutions


Web Design & Hosting™ – Comprehensive and specialized responsive website design, content management, and hosting services.


Banno Monitor™ – A targeted suite of security services to protect, guard, and respond to a potential website attack. 


Forecasting and Financial Reporting (FFR)


Ideal for community banks in need of a comprehensive and flexible budgeting system. Simplify the strategic planning process and forecast the balance sheet more effectively while completing your budgeting and financial reporting all in one place.


Information Security & Risk Management Solutions


Proactively manage risk, meet ever-changing IT regulatory compliance expectations, and safeguard mission-critical data for your financial institution and your account holders.


•    Gladiator Hosted Network Solutions™ – IT infrastructure outsourcing.
•    Gladiator Total Protect™ – Suite of IT, network security, and regulatory compliance services.
•    Gladiator Managed IT Services™ – Monitoring and management of mission-critical IT infrastructure.
•    Centurion Enterprise-Level Recovery™ – Enterprise data protection and disaster recovery solution.
•    Gladiator IT Regulatory Compliance/Policy Products™ – Compliance/policy solutions and customized training, including solutions from Stickley on Security.
•    Gladiator Virtual Information Officer™ (vISO) – Outsourced, scalable information security program.
•    Gladiator Business Continuity Planning™ – Enterprise-wide business continuity consulting.


ICBA Member Advantages

  • A 5% discount on Web Hosting licensing fees.
  • A 10-15% discount on Web Security solutions.
  • A 5% discount on RDC, RDA and mRDC implementation fees.
  • A 5% discount on Banno Mobile installation fees.
  • A 10% discount on iPay installation fees.
  • A 10% discount on Lending Solutions monthly fees.
  • A 10% discount on RemitPlus install fees.
  • 10% off of the Financial Performance Suite℠ Profitability and Pricing, CECL and FFR modules.
  • 10% ECS conversion and set up fees.
  • 10% off installation fee on SmartPAY Biller Direct
  • 2.5% off monthly recurring fees in the initial contract and any renewal contract for Gladiator® Hosted Network Solutions
  • 5% off monthly recurring fees in the initial contract and any renewal contract on all other Gladiator® and Centurion solutions and services