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ICBA Member: 17 years
Preferred Service Provider Select Member
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Ms. Chris Montesanti
Account Executive, Strategic Alliances

About Us

As a Preferred Service Provider serving community banks, ProfitStars® brings ICBA members education, exclusive incentives, and core-agnostic technology to truly support your focus on the needs of today's modern customers.


Program Features


CECL Solutions


ProfitStars® CECL DataStore and Validation℠ – An efficient solution that helps you meet the daunting data collection and validation tasks associated with CECL regulations.


ProfitStars® CECL Analysis and Reporting℠ – CECL compliance modeling with loss projections down to the instrument level


Commercial Lending


Commercial Lending Center Suite™ – An all-digital loan origination system that enables lenders to create, underwrite, and manage business relationships – elevating the borrower and lender experience.


Conversion Solutions


Enterprise Conversion Solutions – Reduces costs and saves staff time by securely converting and importing your legacy systems data, as well as M&A content, into current platforms.




Remote Deposit Anywhere™ (RDA) – Mobile remote deposit capture.


Remote Deposit Complete™ (RDC) – Web-based remote deposit capture with ProfitStars’ proofing and balancing services.


JHA SmartPay mRDC – Enables business account holders to conveniently deposit checks anytime, anywhere using camera-enabled smartphones and tablets.


JHA EPS SmartPay Biller Express – Strengthens customer relationships by simplifying billing and payment collection, reducing the cost of the accounts receivable process.


RemitPlus® – Electronic check, remittance, and lockbox processing.


Ensenta Business RDC – Mobile℠ – Commercial mobile remote deposit solution compatible with camera-enabled iOS and Android mobile devices.


Ensenta Consumer RDC – Mobile– Consumer remote deposit capture solution compatible with camera-enabled iOS and Android mobile devices.


JHA SmartPay mRDC(Mobile Remote Deposit Complete) – Commercial mobile remote deposite capture solution build exclusively for businesses.


Online & Mobile Banking Solutions


iPay Business Bill Pay™ – A full suite of online financial management solutions designed for your small businesses.


iPay Consumer Bill Pay™ – Supports single or recurring payments and easily integrates with any internet banking provider.


Banno Mobile PS™ – Native mobile banking application for both iOS and Android™ that offers a quick, cost-effective way to deploy innovative mobile services.


Profitability & Pricing


ProfitStars Customer Profitability & Pricing℠ – An enterprise-wide data solution to determine who your most valuable clients are and ensure the pricing and rates you set drive profitability.


Web Solutions


Web Design & Hosting™ – Comprehensive and specialized responsive website design, content management, and hosting services.


Banno Monitor™ – A targeted suite of security services to protect, guard, and respond to a potential website attack. 


ICBA Member Advantages

    • A 5% discount on Web Hosting licensing fees.
    • A 10-15% discount on Web Security solutions.
    • A 5% discount on RDC, RDA and mRDC implementation fees.
    • A 5% discount on Banno Mobile installation fees.
    • A 10% discount on iPay installation fees.
    • A 10% discount on Lending Solutions monthly fees.
    • A 10% discount on RemitPlus install fees.
    • 10% off of the Financial Performance Suite℠ Profitability and Pricing (and CECL) modules.
    • 10% ECS conversion and set up fees.
    • 10% off installation fee on SmartPAY Biller Direct