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About Us

Griffin Technologies is a real-time, location data platform that connects banks to new and existing customers in the moments that matter. We provide banks a new data set via location that is easy to comprehend and actionable. We allow banks to:

  • Reduce CPA (cost per acquisition) for new deposit holders, loans, and etc
  • Collect actionable, real time contextual insights from bank mobile app users (KYC)
  • Passively automate business development and marketing efforts


Coronavirus Update

Small businesses nationwide are faced with significant challenges and the Small Business Administration has begun to roll out initiatives to help small businesses. Due to mandated closings and quarantines, many small businesses are not as accessible due to working from home while still bearing the weight of the expenses and responsibilities that come with running a business.


Via behavioral insights and search keyword re-targeting, Griffin Technologies provides community banks an affordable option to reach small business owners searching for small business loans and similar services. We live in unprecedented times, with more humans at home surfing the web than any time in history. Griffin Technologies helps community banks become first movers for new and current customers covering a variety of services.


Example Scenarios

Bank A would like to aid small businesses in Smyrna, GA gain access to SBA loans.  Griffin Technologies re-targets small business owners located in Smyrna, GA from the Auto, Insurance, Dental, and Medical industries (industries that the bank has identified with the lowest risk) that have searched for 'small business loans' on the web within the last 2 weeks.  Griffin promotes Bank A's custom banners, videos, and commercials to the small business targets cross-device (ie, mobile device, tablet, laptop, and connected TV devices like Roku and Hulu) through third-party websites (ie, Yahoo, MSNBC, Bing, CNN, FOX, etc).  This campaign proves to be effective by reaching an eager audience on the medium (internet/websites) during a time of saturation from traditional media.


Bank B would like to target homeowners in Lake Zurich, MI to promote Home Refinance options.  Griffin Technologies geofences every non-rented/leased residential property in Lake Zurich and promotes Bank B Home Refinance banners to homeowners cross-device.  This campaign proves to be a significant competitive advantage when compared with competing banks utilizing traditional forms of marketing (ie, postcards, social media targets, etc).


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