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20250 144th Ave NE
Suite 300
WoodinvilleWA  98072
Phone: (425) 296-2416
ICBA Member: 2 years
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Main Contact
Mr. Dan Banning
Director of Marketing
(425) 296-2416

About Us

The Quantivate GRC Software Suite enables enterprise-wide risk and compliance management that aligns with organizational goals and drives strategic decision-making so organizations can grow with confidence. Used separately or in combination, each software module features centralized processes and data storage, task management, and flexible workflows to enhance visibility and reduce the time and money spent on management solutions. For users that implement multiple modules, built-in integration provides powerful data-sharing and automation capabilities.


Coronavirus Update

Quantivate has developed a Pandemic Plan Template that includes:

  • Plan structure overview
  • Pandemic planning phases
  • Team/department roles and responsibilities
  • Planning checklists for executive, operations, HR, technology, marketing/media, and facilities teams
  • Recommended policies, procedures and reports
  • Sample forms


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