Pandemic Response

A pandemic response plan is critical piece of any business continuity plan. The COVID-19 Pandemic serves as an extreme example of why pandemic plans are a necessity, but each year new diseases have the potential to disrupt our communities.

A disease outbreak becomes a pandemic in the event a disease spreads across several countries and affects a large number of people. Recent pandemics include the 2019-2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic and the 1958 H3N2 Pandemic. Pandemics impact entire communities and stress entire economies.

A community bank’s preparedness and resilience during a pandemic may mean the difference between small businesses surviving a pandemic or not. Managing your staff and your operations efficiently through a pandemic is vital to the strength and stability of main street.

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Pandemic News

FS-ISAC Coronavirus Update, March 31, 2021

Mar 31, 2021 | Coronavirus Update
President Biden signed the PPP Extension Act of 2021 into law on Tuesday, a law extending the application deadline, originally set to expire on March 31, to May 31, and providing an additional 30-day period for the Small Business Administration to process application.

ICBA Thanks President for Signing PPP Extension

Mar 30, 2021 | NewsWatch Today
The Independent Community Bankers of America today thanked President Joe Biden for signing into law ICBA-advocated legislation to extend the Paycheck Protection Program ahead of its March 31 expiration.

IRS: PPE is tax deductible

Mar 29, 2021 | NewsWatch Today
The Internal Revenue Service clarified that the purchase of personal protective equipment, such as masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, for the primary purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19 are deductible medical expenses.