About ICBA Reinsurance

ICBA Reinsurance is a credit insurance program you can trust with a proven record of success and profitability. A part of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), the nation’s voice for community banks, ICBA Reinsurance is run by community bankers for the benefit of community bankers. ICBA Reinsurance wrote its first piece of business in 1999, has paid twelve consecutive dividends to participating banks and is backed by the strength of ICBA's more than 75 years of providing community bankers with quality products and services.

ICBA Reinsurance allows banks that sell credit insurance to share in the insurance underwriting and premium investment income. This is in addition to just the traditional credit insurance sales commission income most banks receive. Along with access to additional income and training, participating banks will also receive the full support and service commitment that is synonymous with ICBA. ICBA Reinsurance’s full-time professional staff is located in ICBA’s headquarter offices in Washington, D.C.

ICBA Reinsurance’s service providers, ANICO and The Plateau Group, were selected by ICBA Reinsurance based on its ratings status, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to the community bank market.

How The ICBA Reinsurance Program Works

ICBA Reinsurance is a captive credit life insurance company, very similar to the captives owned and operated by most major banks in the United States. It was formed to provide ICBA member banks with a stable source of traditional credit insurance products and to improve the profitability of ICBA member banks by allowing participating banks to become non-voting preferred shareholders in the reinsurance company. As a shareholder, banks have the opportunity to generate added revenue by sharing in the company’s profits. Participating banks are eligible to receive annual dividends based on the profitability of their individual programs and their business. We’ll work with you to prepare a customized projection based on your anticipated business.

Current Organization

ICBA Reinsurance is a subsidiary of the ICBA Services Network. It is the only subsidiary where ICBA members may own stock in the company. Banks have two participation options (LLC or PPS) when purchasing stock based on their credit life premium volume. The LLC option is for banks producing between $25,000 - $75,000 in annual premium. The PPS option is for banks producing over $75,000 in annual premium.

Greater Profit Opportunities

Community banks have the potential to earn income three ways with ICBA Reinsurance. From (1) Commissions, which will stay the same as they are now; (2) Dividends, which are tax-advantaged; and, (3) Investment income on the bank’s premium reserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our list of frequently asked questions related to the ICBA Reinsurance program. Send us an email at reinsurance@icba.org or call 888.790.6625 if you have further questions.


Participating banks are supported by a field force of regional sales specialists, general agents and full-time trainers. Marketing materials, turnkey incentive programs for bank employees and a variety of training options (four-phase program, web-based, and Computer Based Training (CBT) are available to all participating banks at no cost.