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As a founding member, The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and fellow banking leaders, established .BANK as the verified banking domain that secures online communications and banking platforms for your customers and employees. Like .GOV (for the government) and .EDU (for educational institutions) all .BANK domains are verified and confirmed to be financial institutions.

The ICBA and EnCirca have partnered to educate, promote and assist banks in moving to the .BANK domain, your online stamp of trust— a more secure domain to empower customer confidence, engagement and retention.

Why DotBANK?

.BANK sits at the intersection of protection, against today’s most common cybercrimes and causes of breaches, and empowerment, to use data to enhance customer relationships. A .BANK domain is a simpler, quicker, more thorough way to educate employees and customers and protect them against cyberattacks. As a verified domain, bad actors simply cannot get a domain or email address that looks like yours to spoof or phish your employees and customers. Your security message becomes, “If it’s not .BANK, it’s not us.”

Daily news stories of phishing, spoofing, hacking and breaches affect your customers’ confidence around online banking and communication. That means email—once the most valuable marketing and communication channel—is becoming a less effective communication vehicle. As banks make better use of data to serve customers, online communication channels to convey and connect are becoming drastically more important.

About EnCirca:

Formed in 2001, EnCirca ( is an ICANN-Accredited registrar and registry validation provider based in Boston.  EnCirca is the leading domain name registrar for .BANK domain names.  EnCirca specializes in complex and custom registrar solutions for the domain name industry. Contact to request a consultation.

What Makes .BANK Safer?

Through verification and mandatory security requirements the .BANK domain creates a safer space and acts as a visual security cue for bank employees or customers. The .BANK at the end of an email address or website URL confirms that the email communication is authentic and that the website is owned by a bank and is a safe place to manage his or her finances. This simple visual cue enables security that employees and customers can recognize and participate in, ensuring the space remains safe for everyone.

.BANK domains have 6 critical security requirements beyond a standard .COM domain creating additional layers of protection to the consumer, plus verification, which when combined with email authentication, creates security that cannot be replicated in the .COM space. Consider the following difference between .COM and .BANK requirements:

Eligibility Anyone can get one
Restricted to banks only
Naming allocation Anything, leading to spoofing and phishing Must correspond to bank’s existing rights
Encryption Optional Required
Domain Name System Security Extensions Optional Required
Domain Message Authentication Reporting Optional Required
Email Authentication Optional Required
Multi-factor authentication Optional Required

Short domain names in .COM were snapped up by speculators long ago, but there are still a large number of short generic names available in .BANK. ICBA and EnCirca have teamed up to provide education and resources to community banks that would like to learn more about .BANK. For more information visit Encirca & ICBA.

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