The community bank roadmap to working with innovative solutions

ICBA's Fintech Strategy Roadmap offers a look at various approaches for community banks to consider when creating, collaborating, and investing in fintech. With a focus on how regulatory risk affects a bank’s actions, this roadmap outlines the necessary considerations to ensure these strategic decisions are successful for community banks.

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First of all, what is fintech?

Fintech is the intersection of financial services and technology. The innovation within this intersection is robust, and the positive impact to community banks is wide-reaching.


  • Digital wallets and real-time transactions bring instant payments and availability of funds to bank customers.
  • New lending platforms offer streamlined experiences and faster credit decisions.
  • Business intelligence solutions provide new ways for community banks to manage and anticipate customer activity
  • Transformed cloud infrastructures give banks more secure and efficient opportunities for data security and storage.


  • Strategic Opportunity
  • Fintech’s Wide-Reaching Terrain
  • A Community Bank Advantage


  • Risk Factors to Consider for a Community Bank
  • Fintech Regulatory Environment


  • Approaches to Fintech for Community Banks
  • Fintech Partnership/Joint Venture Checklist
  • Meet Innovative Companies