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Is your bank contemplating a new project to obtain strategic IT capabilities? Don’t know where to start? Weighing the pros and cons of IT outsourcing can be stressful.

Use this interactive quiz to evaluate your bank’s unique circumstances, the risks and regulatory requirements, and balance these considerations against the advantages of outsourcing your key IT capabilities.

Additional information is available in the IT Outsourcing white paper.

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Core Processor Resource Guide

Resource Guide

A community bank’s core processor should be a strategic partner that supports the bank’s long-term business objectives. The ICBA Core Processor Resource Guide will help community banks with some of the more important aspects of managing this relationship to maximize the return on their technology investments.

Is your bank contemplating a new project to obtain strategic IT capabilities? Don’t know where to start? Visit our technology advocacy page for useful resources and documents.

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Title Recipient Date
117th Congress 05/06/21
FDIC, OCC, Fed, CFPB, NCUA 04/22/21
CFPB, FDIC, Fed, OCC 03/08/21
OCC 03/02/21
OCC 02/12/21
OCC 01/08/21
FinCEN 01/04/21
OCC 12/07/20
OCC 11/20/20
116th Congress 10/15/20
Fed 10/05/20
U.S. House Task Force on Financial Technology 09/29/20
FDIC 09/22/20
OCC 08/04/20
FCC 05/22/20
FCC 04/20/20
FCC 03/31/20
CFPB 11/08/19
FDIC 08/26/19
OCC 06/13/19
CFPB 02/11/19
FDIC 01/18/19
FDIC 12/11/18
Federal Communications Commission 10/24/18
Federal Communication Commission 06/13/18
Federal Communications Commission 06/07/18

Bowman: Fed to offer best practices on fintech partnerships

The Federal Reserve plans to publish a white paper early next year on community bank partnerships with fintech companies and effective practices for managing those arrangements, Fed Governor Michelle "Miki" Bowman told ICBA community bankers.

Speaking at the first-ever ICBA ThinkTECH Policy Summit, Bowman said these partnerships can promote a "diversity of choice and accessibility" for customers, improve efficiency and regulatory compliance, and more.

Bowman—the first person to fill the Fed’s ICBA-advocated community banking seat—also said the agency will launch a pilot program next month to help roll out the FedNow instant payments service as soon as possible. ICBA has urged the Fed to collaborate with community banks to swiftly implement FedNow.

Also at the final day of the ThinkTECH summit, House Financial Services Committee Artificial Intelligence Task Force Chairman Bill Foster (D-Ill.) said Congress is charged with staying ahead of fintechs seeking bank-like powers without regulatory oversight, a long-time ICBA priority.


Title Committee Presenter Date
Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs ICBA 04/28/21
HSFC 09/29/20
Senate Banking Committee Written Statement 09/18/18
Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee Written Statement 09/12/17