What I Have in Common with Matthew McConaughey: We Both Reinvented Our Careers

By Tim Martinson

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to joining my colleagues at ICBA Connect is the quality of the program in this virtual setting. This will be my first ICBA Connect/Live event so I’m eager to virtually see old friends and meet others in our industry. 

A keynote speaker I’m particularly looking forward to is Matthew McConaughey, who has been in many of my favorite movies, like “Dazed and Confused,” “A Time to Kill,” and “Interstellar.” He’s been able to chart his own course, reinventing his career through comedic, dramatic, supporting and leading roles — always advancing and stretching.  

I too reinvented my career a few times and I can’t say that there was a master plan. Some of my jobs included teaching Spanish, serving as publisher and editor in chief for a few publications, managing teams of software developers as we built cutting edge mobile apps, and managing the operations of an advertising agency. 

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do but followed my gut, worked hard, and took every opportunity to learn from others. That brought me to North American Banking Company, first a freelancer and then hired four years ago as the first marketing manager at the bank. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else! 

Two years ago, a few other community bank marketing managers and I started the #SocialBankers group as a way for us to connect with others in community banking and share our knowledge. It’s been a valuable resource for all of us, especially during the pandemic, as a way to share information and experience with other community bank marketers.  

I’m excited to bring the lessons from Matthew and the other sessions plus new connections to community bankers across the country back to North American Banking Company. It’s been quite a year, and for me, this is perfect timing to get a boost of energy from fellow community bankers and inspirational speakers – we all need it!

Tim Martinson is the marketing manager for North American Banking Company of Roseville, MN.

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