[WATCH] Victoria Arlen on Fanning the Flame, Paralympic Games Gold, and Redefining What’s Possible at ICBA Connect

Victoria Arlen was in a vegetative state for four years and written off by medical experts, but her family didn’t give up and she slowly recovered. Since her recovery Arlen has won Paralympic Gold and Silver in swimming, become an ESPN host, starred on Dancing with the Stars, and authored her memoir Locked In.

Arlen uses her story to share how you can face what seems impossible and not just overcome it but to achieve at a high level. During her session, Face It. Embrace It. Defy It. Conquer It. Arlen will tell attendees how we can overcome challenges and obstacles to pursue our personal and business dreams.

To hear more about Arlen’s session at ICBA Connect and join us at the event to pursue your dreams, visit icba.org/connect.

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