Product Announcement - ICBA Bancard Endorses Visa Checkout

A Seamless, Secure Payment Option

The rise of ecommerce has ushered in a host of new payment methods, including some that bypass traditional credit and debit cards and affect community banks’ business and revenue.
Driving payment developments is a shift in consumer mindset with convenience reigning supreme. Today’s “omni-consumers,” are just as likely to make a purchase online as a brick-and-mortar establishment, requiring merchants to up their game to secure the sale.
Community banks too must answer consumers’ thirst for “anytime, anywhere” access and engage with customers on their terms. ICBA Bancard, a trusted community bank payment provider for 30 years, partnered with Visa for Visa Checkout – a digital payment service designed to drive cardholder engagement and card usage.

Visa Checkout can help community banks retain customers by:
  • Offering cardholders a simple and secure solution for electronic payments—from a computer or a mobile device;
  • Influencing spending behavior (94 percent of first cards added to Visa Checkout remain the preferred option); and
  • Reinforcing community bank’s digital brand with the security of Visa. Bancard’s Value-Ad As part of this service, Visa has developed a co-branded option, available through ICBA Bancard. Free card art upload assistance is available for ICBA members who sign up for the service with ICBA Bancard.
To help promote usage and activation, Visa has also developed a number of customizable marketing assets including emails, banners, landing page and statement inserts. Visa Checkout participants also have access to research-based targeting and positioning strategies.
As ICBA Bancard works to enlist more issuers in the service, Visa continues to roll out television and social media spots promoting its service. In the fourth quarter of 2014 Visa announced its Super Bowl XLIX Sweepstakes, offering customers who signed up for Visa Checkout by Jan. 4 a chance to win tickets to the big game. The promotion is part of a nationwide multi-million campaign.
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