Bowman: Fed Focused on Real-World Impact

Sep 04, 2019
The Federal Reserve’s review of how it conducts monetary policy is focuses as much on how it affects Main Street as what it means to financial markets, Fed Governor Michelle Bowman said.

Speaking at a “Fed Listens” event in St. Louis, Bowman asked how the agency should approach inflation that has consistently run under 2 percent and whether there are other monetary policy tools the Fed should consider.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on whether to approve Bowman's nomination for a full 14-year term after Congress returns to Washington next week.

ICBA has consistently called on Congress to secure a full term for Bowman, who is serving a partial term that expires Jan. 31, 2020. If reconfirmed by the Senate, her full 14-year term would begin Feb. 1, 2020.