ICBA Pushes Back During Credit Union Fly-In

Mar 14, 2019
With thousands of credit union representatives in Washington this week for meetings with policymakers, ICBA is raising questions about the industry’s tax exemption. In a message to congressional offices, ICBA noted that credit unions have become virtually indistinguishable from tax-paying commercial banks.

In its message, ICBA provided congressional offices topics they can discuss with credit union activists, such as the surge of credit union acquisitions of community banks and the dependence of the credit union model on its tax subsidy. Today ICBA is sharing a Newsmax op-ed on questionable decisions by the National Credit Union Administration.

Credit union officials are in the capital for the Credit Union National Association’s Governmental Affairs Conference. Community bankers can voice their opposition to expanded credit union powers—while advocating regulatory relief and other issues—at next month’s ICBA Capital Summit in Washington.