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Expert insight and guidance for today’s lending and retail environments including agriculture, small business, consumer and commercial products.

A How-To: Equipment Leasing

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Most equipment financed by businesses is leased. See how your community bank can break into equipment leasing and compete with equipment vendors and large money-center banks. Learn about types of leases, why your business and commercial customers prefer leasing and how you can start competing (and profiting!) in this market immediately.

Presenter: Mark Buchanan, President/CEO, BancLeasing

Are You Prepared for CECL Reserving?

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Learn how you can leverage insurance industry techniques and reports to prepare for the shift from expected loss to CECL reserving. This overview of CECL reserving includes data requirements, implementation timelines and techniques to ensure a smooth transition.

Presenter: Jonathan Glowacki, Principal & Consulting Actuary, Milliman

Embrace the Digital Mortgage Experience

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Borrower expectations regarding the ease and speed of mortgage lending mean that lenders must now deliver an improved lending experience. See what digital components are reshaping the industry landscape, learn how to optimize the borrower experience by integrating a digital end-to-end solution and understand the importance of embracing change now.

Presenter: Shane Hartzler, Director, eMortgage Strategy & Operations, Fannie Mae

Innovations in Lending: Don’t Get Left Behind!

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Microlending and crowd-sourced funding have stoked competition and transformed consumer expectations. Today consumers expect more than just a good rate. Hear the latest insights about how consumers make loan decisions, what products they seek and where they go to find them. Learn how to engage these consumers and discover how innovation can entice consumers to your community bank — for life

Presenter: John Waupsh, Chief Innovation Officer, Kasasa

Make C&I Loans More Profitable

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A look into the underwriting and management costs of commercial and industrial loans can uncover opportunities for greater return. Learn how your bank can leverage technology and smart business to gain higher profits. A review of credit conditions nationally and regionally will highlight key geographical segments and industry targets for banks. 

Presenter: William Phelan, President, PayNet

No More Theory: Let’s Talk About the Real CECL Impact

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Dive into the tools, estimators and spreadsheets you need to comply and estimate the new CECL calculations at your community bank. Hear practical strategies that your bank can implement without spending a significant amount of money. Discuss industry challenges and learn insights into making the estimation process simpler for your bank.  

Presenters: David Heneke, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen
Todd Sprang, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen

Seamlessly Carry Your Commercial Borrowers from Inquiry to Payoff

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Seamlessly carry your commercial borrowers from inquiry to pay off on a single digital platform. See how commercial loan origination process has modernized to bring speed and accuracy to what was previously a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

Presenter: Kristin Zell, Sales Executive, ProfitStars 

Is Your Bank's Deposit Strategy Wearing a Leisure Suit?

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Most community banks need deposits however, many are trying to attract them by offering products with tired features and ho-hum rates. Learn how to expand your business deposit relationships as we identify ideal target markets and discuss the corresponding deposit products that appeal to these segments.    

Presenter: Becki Drahota, CEO, Mills Marketing

Small Business Opportunities - Help Your Best Customers Thrive

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Fostering and nurturing small business relationships is the bread and butter of community banks. Learn how your bank can take advantage of a mostly untapped opportunity by assessing your approach to small business credit card offering and sales. Hear results from an independent study, commissioned by ICBA Bancard and Visa, that addresses small businesses’ behaviors, decision making, and preferences regarding acquisition and usage of business credit cards.
Presenter: John Yarley, Director, Visa                           
Monica Gabel, Principal, A.T. Kearney

Rural Development: Small Business, Energy and Infrastructure Opportunities

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Find out how your bank can effectively leverage USDA programs for superior returns and significant benefits in your local communities. Learn how to use USDA Guaranteed Loan Programs to increase your customer base, leverage bank capital, and increase your loan origination and servicing returns.  

Presenters: Bette Brand, Administrator, Business Programs, USDA
Bryan Hooper, Deputy Administrator, Business Programs, USDA

Two Sides of the Coin: Selling and Buying the SBA Guaranty

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The Small Business Administration’s 7(a) program has set volume records in each of the last five years. The market remains very attractive for both lender/sellers and investors in the community bank market. Learn about the benefits of 7(a) lending to your commercial lending activities, and why the resulting pooled securities are in demand by community bank investment managers.

Presenter: Jim Reber, President, ICBA Securities
Arne Monson, President, Holtmeyer & Monson

Five Things You Can’t Overlook When Managing Your Lien Filings

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) forms are critical to several financial processes and even a minor filing mistake can greatly affect your UCC standing. As a result, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about UCCs. Learn about the five things you simple cannot afford to miss when managing your lien portfolio and see how you can mitigate risk to generate maximum ROI.

Presenter: Lauryn McAlister Bary, National Service Account Manager, Wolters Kluwer

Practical Application Lab for C&I Lending

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Small business lending already provides one of the highest returns on equity for community banks, but the growth opportunity in C&I lending is far greater than most realize. Research conducted by Harvard University and PayNet shows C&I lending is an underserved market for loans under $1 million. Learn how your bank can leverage technology, data, and business applications to lower the cost of underwriting and credit reviews and optimize C&I portfolio opportunities. 

Presenter: Barry Ripes, Managing Director, PayNet
Adam White, Director of Project Support, PayNet

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