ICBA Connect Presents Trends
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May 12-13, 2021

What is ICBA Connect presents TRENDS?

ICBA Connect presents TRENDS is a two-day virtual education and trade show event, May 12-13, held in conjunction with ICBA Connect. ICBA Connect kicked-off March 9-10 with a series of events designed to provide community bankers with relevant and timely content for their bank.

During “TRENDS,” industry experts will share actionable insights to keep community bankers up to date on the latest information and strategies. We’ll explore a variety of educational topics through keynote speakers and panel discussions and harness thought-provoking ideas that will shape the future for community banking. In addition, a vibrant and social virtual trade show will provide bankers with access to tools and solutions through one-on-one discussions, group interactions, demos and more.

TRENDS gets its name as we work to distinguish industry trends from temporary shifts, along with showcasing new innovations designed to help community banks keep pace. In total, there will be more than 4 hours of educational content and access to nearly 100 virtual solution providers.

ICBA Connect attracted more than 3,500 participants from over 700 community banks and branches on March 9-10, and all participants have access to “TRENDS.”

Virtual Trade Show Booth

TRENDS will feature a robust virtual trade show experience with nearly 100 companies sharing their insights and access to the tools and solutions bankers need to keep pace in an ever-evolving world.

Specific exhibit “non-compete” time has been scheduled as part of the event on both May 12 and 13 for community bankers to explore tools and solutions and engage with industry providers. Every exhibitor will have opportunities for one-on-one meetings, group session demos, the ability to share resources and solution information and much more!

Virtual booths are available on a very limited (by invitation) basis – with more than half of the booths already spoken for as of March 22, 2021.

ICBA Connect Booth

Each TRENDS Virtual Booth receives the following:

  • Private and Public Chat Areas
  • Company Description
  • Video Window to share a company/product video
  • Resources Section – share PDFs, links, and more
  • Company logo
  • ICBA Member or Preferred Service Provider affiliation
  • Up to 5 company representatives in your booth
  • Ability to host a Zoom demo during Virtual Booth hours
  • VIDEO: Booth Features for TRENDS

Booth Features for TRENDS

  • ICBA Preferred Service Providers – up to 8 total resources (video, PDFs, links to web pages, etc.)
  • Select Corporate Members – up to 5 resources
  • 5 booth staff

Event Schedule (All Times ET)

May 12

2:​00 p.​m.​ Opening, Welcome and Keynote Address – Lee Wetherington
2:​40 p.​m.​ Virtual Booths Open
3:​35 p.​m.​ Education Sessions/Panels
4:​15 p.​m.​ Virtual Booths Open
5:​00 p.​m.​ Prize Drawings

*Booth conversations could continue past closing times

May 13

10:​30 a.​m.​ Welcome Day 2 and Keynote Address - Phillip Smith
11:​10 a.​m.​ Virtual Booths Open
12:​20 p.​m.​ Education Sessions/Panels
1:​00 p.​m.​ Virtual Booths Open
1:​45 p.​m.​ Closing – Prize Drawings

*Booth conversations could continue past closing times


Each company will receive five registrations, five resources (up to 8 for preferred service providers) for display in your booth, a video (must be downloadable), and the pre-registration list for Trends.

All of the booth materials are due either on April 16th or April 23rd – Julie or Missy informed you of your deadline date. Items needed are your company logo and the resources you would like to be part of your booth.

Company representations will receive a link with login information into the event site approximately two days prior TRENDS kicking off (around May 10).

Yes.  We can provide a list of names of people who stopped by your booth as well as a list of who clicked on any of your resources. Expect to receive the reports approximately one week after the event concludes.

No. ICBA Policy is that we are not allowed to share the email, phone or fax numbers of our members. BEST PRACTICES TIP! If you are having a conversation with someone, please ask them to share their email address so that you can follow up with them later.

Yes, we encourage it!  You can post in your Public Chat or use instructions as one of your Resources.  We suggest asking bankers to fill out a form and short survey (2-3 questions) to be eligible for a prize.

Yes! We encourage this! During virtual booth hours, you are welcome to host a demo by simply posting a Zoom meeting link in the public chat of your booth. Additionally, you can include it within your booth resources, which can include a brief description and a Zoom link. We encourage you to hold these during our exhibitor non-compete hours only.

Yes! These include the download from the public chat area – and each of your company representatives are able to download their private chats. Instructions provided here.

No. As long as you are somewhere within the event site (attending other sessions, etc.) you do not have to be in your booth space, but you do need to be logged into the event site in order to receive notices that someone is trying to contact you. 

Yes, you can view the number of people in your booth at any given moment by going into your booth – and in the upper right corner by your picture it will show the number and list of people visiting. We also have a doorbell feature enabled, so when someone enters your booth, you will hear a chime. 

You will click on the green “chat” box next to an individual’s name to start a private chat. 

Yes, here is a tutorial

May 5 is the last day for your company to register booth personnel. Register your booth personnel HERE.

Yes, they are $25 each. 

We will do our best to make any changes after the deadline, but it is not guaranteed. You will upload the new item to the shared folder and name it UPDATED with the date.  (For example:  ICBA – Company Description UPDATED 5/2/21) Also, send an email to Julie or Missy that you would like this item updated. 

Questions? Reach out to us at expo@icba.org or 866.THE.ICBA


ICBA Connect Participant

Bankers by Title

C-Level (Pres/CEO/Chairman) – 21%
EVP/SVP/VP – 29%
Director – 7%
Other Titles in the Bank – 43%

Institution Size by Participant

$1 Billion + - 40%
$500-999 Million – 23%
$100-499 Million – 33%
$100 Million and Under – 4%

Institution by US Region

Midwest – 22%
North Central – 21%
Northeast – 15%
Southwest – 15%
West – 15%
Southeast – 12%