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Last update: 04/16/14

Credit & Debit Cards

Community banks provide debit and prepaid cards to their customers to execute the exchange of monetary value. Community banks strive to balance the mandate to maintain transparent, safe, sound and profitable payment card programs with the needs of financially varied customer bases.


  • ICBA strongly supports a payments card operating environment governed primarily by network rules to ensure a well functioning and balanced payment card system that provides tremendous benefit for community banks, their customers and millions of merchants of all sizes.
  • ICBA strongly opposes efforts that, while theoretically intended to prevent unfair, deceptive or abusive payment card acts or practices, would adversely affect community bank payment card issuers and agents as well as their customers. National interest rates and fee caps would directly harm customers with less-than-perfect credit, especially those at the margin, and further reduce competition and stifle innovation in features and functionality.
  • ICBA opposes efforts to extend consumer protection provisions to small business payment cards.
  • ICBA supports simplified credit card disclosures; however, ICBA opposes any efforts to create a disclosure regime that would have the effect of limiting choices for consumers across the socio-economic spectrum, or subjecting community banks to legal and compliance scrutiny.
  • ICBA supports consumer choice in payment card offerings through enhanced transparency, education and fairness.
  • ICBA supports efforts to transition payment cards from magnetic strip technology to chip technology provided community banks are given sufficient time to plan for and implement this transition.


Congress and the federal agencies must exercise caution in ensuring that efforts to establish and maintain an environment protecting consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices does not unnecessarily impede community banks’ ability to respond to changing markets and consumer needs. A well-informed consumer has the ability to shop with his or her feet, a free-market factor that benefits community banks that thrive on successful relationship banking.

National interest rates and fee caps would reduce competition as small issuers without scale may exit the business if they cannot compete with larger scale issuers on price alone. Efforts to place caps on rates and fees would also force small issuers to cut off credit to those most in need, and would likely raise the cost of credit to all other borrowers.

Congress and the federal agencies should remain mindful that community bank payment card programs need to be profitable. If this balance is not maintained, community banks will give greater consideration to discontinuing various products, particularly credit cards, which would result in further consolidation of the industry and fewer choices for consumers. Policies that generate more compliance costs for community banks will not benefit consumers.

Payment card system stakeholders – networks, merchants, card issuers and cardholders – are concerned about the growing security risks and the need to move to more sophisticated and secure technology such as chip and PIN. But re-engineering a payments system is not easy as there are many players that need to collaborate, from the card networks and processors to the bank issuers and merchants. ICBA will participate actively in this migration by conveying the community bank perspective to all stakeholders and communicating the implications of this migration to community banks and their customers.

Staff Contact: Viveca Ware

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02/22/2010 Regulation Z Credit CARD Act Provisions Chart
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ICBA Continues Advocating Reforms Following Retail Data Breach
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