Plan for Prosperity Petition

ICBA recently released the Plan for Prosperity: The Community Bank Agenda for Economic Growth, a blueprint of community bank regulatory reforms that promote localized lending and job growth. Now we need you to sign the ICBA petition in support of the plan to show lawmakers the power of community bankers, employees, and customers.

Join the ICBA in standing up and speaking out for community banks!

Community banks play an integral role in supporting small businesses, agriculture, and consumers across the country. The Plan for Prosperity will strengthen their ability to do so. The Plan includes dozens of provisions to reduce excessive regulation, support small businesses, and improve access to agricultural credit in rural America.

The Plan was crafted with input from community bankers across the nation, and we need you to join us to petition Congress to adopt the plan. The 115th Congress has an extraordinary opportunity to champion a dynamic pro-growth agenda that supports local communities and the American economy, and it start with the Plan for Prosperity.

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Plan for Prosperity