Every third Wednesday of the month, ICBA is hosting “#GoLocal Wednesday,” a day where ICBA employees and community bankers nationwide shop at locally owned and operated businesses and restaurants.

Show support for entrepreneurs and small businesses year round and share your experiences via the #GoLocal hashtag. How can you make a difference in your community by joining the #GoLocal initiative?

  • Put money back into your local economy
  • Support local jobs & growth
  • Invest in entrepreneurship
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of your community
  • Help the environment

Not an ICBA Employee or community banker but love your local businesses? Join us in supporting your community on Go Local Wednesday!

As you support your favorite local businesses, don’t forget to share your experience with ICBA on Twitter or Facebook. Questions? Email marketing@icba.org or tweet her @ICBA. 

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There are plenty of locally owned and operated small businesses in your neighborhood! Below are just a few suggestions of where you can visit, shop and dine at during Go Local Wednesday.

  • Restaurants

  • Bookstores

  • Newsstands

  • Jewelers


  1. Include your small business’ Twitter handles or tag your business on Facebook.
  2. Include the handles for businesses you're supporting so they can gain even more exposure and respond.
  3. Tag friends, co-workers and relevant people (after asking their permission).
  4. Show off the local products that you bought in visual format (whether photo or video).
  5. Don’t forget to use #GoLocal hashtag in all of your posts.
  6. Using images will garner more attention than pure text. Get creative!

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