Stumped about what to tweet to get your neighbors on board with supporting local small businesses? Tweak some of our sample tweets and make them your own or "tweet this" and send our samples out in a flash!

My #Community Bank is friendly and knows me by name. Does yours? If not, make the switch today: #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Find a #CommunityBank you're proud to bank with at #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Want to support your local economy year-round? Bank with a local #CommunityBank #GoLocal #BankLocally
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I love to shop, dine and bank local! #ProudMainStreetSupporter #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Join the conversation using some of the current hashtags below. Or share some our top tweets @ICBA


Take a look through our past tweets and social initiatives for some ideas for your own social media campaigns and efforts. 


  • Use #GoLocal and #BankLocally on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Participate in #GoLocal Wednesday by sharing pictures and videos of the local businesses you support in your neighborhood.
  • Tap into local small business groups and share their celebrations or social media posts (make sure to link them). Check out the list of regional SBA branches here.
  • Organize a cash mob in your local community and document it with photos and video to post on social media (seeMercantile Bank example here). 
  • Highlight one small business a day on Twitter and/or Facebook and talk about why they are so important to your community. (If they have a Twitter handle and Facebook page, make sure to @ and link to them.)
  • Give Facebook Live a try, touting short tips and tricks that are relevant to your customers in a live setting for your page's followers. 
  • Increase engagement with visuals. On Facebook, post photos of local businesses your community enjoys, and on Twitter, be sure to use an engaging headline and then provide a link to the photo.
  • Create a social media contest in which consumers can share their favorite small business. Offer a gift card as a reward or partner with a local business for a locally themed giveaway.

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Keeping up with your social media doesn't require hours of your time. Taking advantage of social media channels offers your bank a whole new way to nurture relationships and connect with customers and community members. Take a look at some of these simple how-to's and resources:
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For more tweets, follow us @ICBA and the hashtags #GoLocal and #BankLocally. We regularly tweet news stories and updates about the Go Local initiative. Stay tuned and retweet!

You shop locally. You eat locally. Why not bank locally? #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Want to help your local economy? #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Support Main Street all year round. Bank with your local #CommunityBank
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Local, friendly and knows you by name: Your neighborhood #CommunityBank #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Real economic growth can start with you! Invest your money locally! #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Need to speak to the president about your account? Not a prob! That's the open door policy of a #CommunityBank #GoLocal #BankLocally
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Treating people like people since 19XX (insert your founding year) Switch to a #CommunityBank #GoLocal #BankLocally
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#CommunityBanks: More than just a bank, they're your neighbors & your financial partner! #GoLocal #BankLocally
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You and your family's choices shape your community! Switch to a community bank today #GoLocal #Banklocally
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