ICBA strives to provide community bankers and community members with the tools and resources necessary to conduct a successful Go Local initiative within their own communities. To help you support your Go Local campaigns, ICBA has developed the following templates and guidelines:

  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • Customizable fliers
  • Talking points
  • Op-eds
  • Ads and graphics

In recognition of Small Business Week, ICBA has created stickers for community banks to provide their small business customers. These stickers help community members and customers differentiate locally owned and operated small businesses from national competitors.

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Are you making news in your community with “Go Local?” We want to feature your community contributions so you can inspire others to #GoLocal!

Email your news clips and broadcast appearances to golocal@icba.org and show us how you're impacting your community and we'll add your clips to our news section.

Get inspired and find support for your Go Local campaign with the resources linked below:

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  • ICBA encourages consumers to join the “go local” movement by banking locally with their local community bank.     

  • By banking locally, consumers will realize the benefits of community banking, including a relationship-based banking experience, superior customer service and the pride that comes with reinvesting in one’s community.   

  • By banking locally, consumers will be making a hometown investment they can be proud of. The money they deposit in their community bank will be reinvested in ways that drive their local economy, such as in the form of loans to local residents who want to buy a home or to small business owners who are looking to open shop on Main Street.

  • Community banks are invested in their communities and their customers. As small businesses themselves, community banks only thrive when their customers and communities do the same, so taking care of their customers and looking out for the best interest of their community is ingrained in the way they conduct their business.

  • When consumers call their local community bank, they’ll be reassured to know that they won’t be talking to someone halfway across the globe. Instead, they will be talking with their community banker who lives and works in the same community they do.       

  • Whether located in small towns, suburbia or big-city neighborhoods, community banks improve America’s communities by funding more than 60 percent of all small businesses under $1 million and by using local dollars to help families purchase a home, buy a car, finance college and build financial security.

  • Small businesses that apply for loans with community banks are the most successful and most satisfied, according to a report from seven Federal Reserve Banks.
  • The survey found that community banks extended at least some of the financing requested by loan applicants to 76 percent of applicants surveyed, while large banks approved just 58 percent.
  • According to the survey, micro-firms successfully got financing 60 percent of the time with community banks compared with 33 percent of the time with big banks.
  • By driving local economies and creating local jobs, community banks are an integral part of our financial system and play a key role in our nation’s economic recovery.   

  • To find your local community bank, visit ICBA’s community bank locator at www.banklocally.org. Simply type in your zip code and the app will show you all the community banks in your area. You can even download free ICBA locator apps for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

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