Go Local: Your Entire Community Benefits

By shopping and banking locally, you and your community reap benefits you might not experience when frequenting big, national chains. More of the money you spend at a local business goes back into your local economy. Just how much more money? 

From local farms to antique dealers to craftsmen, shopping locally reveals the people behind the products and services you use and connects you to your community and neighbors.

Find a local community bank near you and learn how truly impactful local businesses are to your neighborhood. 

Celebrate Community Banking Month with our ICBA member-exclusive toolkit.

Celebrate Community Banking Month with our ICBA member-exclusive toolkit.
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Want to know where to find a local community bank as you make the switch and #GoLocal? Use the tool below to find the right local community bank for you! 

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Putting your money back into your local economy is important to you. But boosting your neighborhood economy isn't the only great reason to shop, eat and bank local.

By frequenting local businesses you can do your part to improve the place you call home and see some of the following positive impacts:

1. Help create a healthier environment

2. Receive personal customer service

3. Help local teams, non-profits and events (small businesses donate 2X as much)

4. Enhance your community's uniqueness by supporting local businesses

5. Boost local creation of quality, local jobs

6. Bolster local prosperity

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Already make the switch to a local community bank? Tell us why you love your community bank and what makes it different from the pack.

Here's why some community bank customers made the switch, remain loyal and love their community bank:

"I love my bank because it has the small town feel I grew up with. When I come into the branch everyone remembers me and my dogs' name and is excited to see us. They treat her as well as they treat me and that's very important to me. They are extremely supportive of my small business, always asking me how it is doing"

"I love knowing that my money does good things in my community."

"I like walking into their offices. I know my tellers and they know my face."

"Their work has benefited dozens of community-based non-profits to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars this year as well as community arts events."


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