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ICBA LIVE Sponsorship Opportunities

ICBA LIVE, is the largest gathering of community bankers in the country and is devoted solely to the needs of America’s independent community banks. ICBA provides community bank decision-makers nationwide the opportunity to network and gain valuable insight into their business, competition in the marketplace and the special challenges facing community banks today.

ICBA recognizes that bank service providers face increased competition and need innovative solutions to reach their customers in this ever-changing environment. The 2020 ICBA LIVE Sponsorship packages outlined below offer memorable, hard to miss marketing and branding ideas to effectively promote your company’s products and services.

These sponsorship opportunities were created to help you:

  • Substantially increase visibility and exposure throughout community banking’s largest event.
  • Align your company with an industry eager to seek out innovative solutions, while demonstrating your strong commitment to community bank leaders.
  • Develop greater awareness, maximize name recognition and strengthen relationships.

Sponsorship Levels and Packages


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Branding and Pre-Show Engagement

  • Convention Name Badges—SOLD

  • Hotel Room Key Cards—SOLD

  • Convention Confirmation Packets and Orlando Luggage Tags/Band—SOLD

  • Good Night Room Drop - SOLD

  • Take Center Stage—$8,500 (2 Available)

  • Wi-Fi Makes The Conference Go ‘Round—$7,500

  • ICBA LIVE Registered Banker E-Blast—SOLD

  • Banker Registration Kit Pen—SOLD

  • Top-Of-Mind Exposure—$3,500 (One Per Row)

Receptions and Various Sessions

  • Welcome Reception - SOLD

  • General Session and Keynote Address - SOLD

  • ICBA First-Time Attendee Reception—$5,500

  • Facilitated Bank Marketing Roundtable Discussions—$4,500 (2 Available)

  • ThinkTECH Session Sponsor—$5,500 (1 Available)

Food/Beverage and Traffic Builder Options

  • Convention Lunch and Much More—SOLD

  • Taste of Orlando—$17,500-$23,500 (Depending On Size)

  • Hydrate and Refresh!—$14,500

  • 2-Day Ice Cream Social!—$12,500

  • Get Your Popcorn Here! — SOLD

  • Mini Donuts In Your Booth—$9,500

  • Education Zone Coffee Sponsorship—$3,500-$9,000

  • Warm Jumbo Pretzels W/ Cheese Sauce and Spicy Mustard—$8,500

  • Sweet Afternoon Treat—$7,500

  • Tortilla Chips and Salsa or Potato Chips and French Onion Dip—$6,000

Outside The Box

  • Official ICBA LIVE T-Shirt Sponsor—$21,000

  • Shoe/Boot Shine Station — SOLD

  • Hangin' With The Big Dogs — SOLD

  • Banker Reception—$6,000(Plus F&B)

  • Cigar Rolling Station—$7,500

  • Help Bankers Rejuvenate With Refreshing Scents — SOLD

  • Live Coconut Artist—$9,500

  • Digital Caricatures—$9,000

  • Whac-A-Mole—$4,500

  • Perfect Pack For The Traveling Banker!—$10,000

  • Exclusive ICBA LIVE GIFT Branded With Your Logo – and Given At Your Booth!—Pricing Varies

Thought Leadership

  • ICBA Learning Labs — SOLD

  • Lunch and Learn Education Session — SOLD

  • Whiteboarding With Experts—$5,500

Video Opportunities

  • LIVE Expomercial (2 min. Advertorial)—$7,500

  • Make News At Your Booth! (30-sec. spot)—$2,500

  • LIVE Newscast Pop-Up Banner—$750

  • Your Video Can Go LIVE!—$5,000

Warning: Registration List Scam

If you are contacted by a company claiming they have the ICBA Registration list for sale, please do not do business with them. ICBA does not share its registration list with outside vendors. ICBA will send out an attendee list to all exhibiting companies approximately three weeks before the convention. As a reminder, the list will not contain phone, fax, or email. This information would be captured by renting a scanner through ATS.

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