Exhibitor Booth Best Practices

Put your best foot forward

Send your best sales team to interact face-to-face with bankers.

Don't let your booth be lonely

During the expo, be sure to keep your booth fully manned. Each booth registration comes with three hall passes, so take advantage and be sure to have two-three people around your booth at all times.

Perfect your elevator pitch

Brainstorm and prepare attention-grabbing statements; and don't forget them at home.

Dress to impress

Dress professionally but also comfortably. Wear shoes that you are comfortable standing in for extended periods of time.

Utilize the attendee list

All exhibitors will be emailed a link to download the attendee list approximately three weeks before the Convention!  The list will contain attendee names, banks represented, and a mailing address.  Prepare your pre-Convention materials ahead of time so that you can send a mailing to your targeted community bankers as soon as the list is published.

Maximize set-up time

Schedule your travel to provide ample time for booth set-up. Don't forget; set-up begins Saturday, March 7, so be ready!

Get some exercise

Alternate sitting and standing while at your booth.

Provide visitation incentives

Define your target bankers and send materials inviting bankers to your booth. Give bankers a reason to visit you, such as a complimentary, customized report.

Respect your neighbors' property

No one wants a bad neighbor. Please be respectful of the borders of your booth and that of your neighbors'. 

Put your phone away

Don't look at your phone during your time in the booth - unless you're showing a banker your app!

Provide a memorable experience

If the budget is available, consider sponsoring a traffic-generating activity that can be located near your booth, such as a snack bar or power tower.

Be the follow up King or Queen

Promptly follow-up on all conversations with bankers, either via email that evening or phone call after the show. After the Convention, follow-up with all target bankers. This should be a customized message for bankers you spoke with, or a “sorry we missed you” message for others. If you had a report, checklist, or other informational content to share, attach it.

Give away goodies

Offer something of value to bankers visiting your booth. Ideally, you should offer information, such as a checklist that may provide value to bankers right away.

Don't munch

Generally, avoid eating or drinking at your booth. A bottle of water or some food during Lunch With Exhibitors on Monday, March 9 is fine.
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