Dan Thurmon

Leadership Coach and Teacher

A teacher of peak performance, an author of impactful books and presentations, and a lifelong student of success, happiness, and achievement, Dan Thurmon is on a mission to encourage a uniqueness and contributions, to discover a sense of purpose and greatness, and to have meaning at work and in lives.

At an early age, Thurmon learned the power of performance on stage and in the various parts of our life. When he was eleven years old, he encountered a mentor who taught him some amazing physical skills, but also gave him a channel for his bountiful energy. He quickly excelled as a variety artist, comedy entertainer, and entrepreneur. Even in his high school years, the connection between business awareness, high level service, and self-improvement became evident and fascinating. 

Thurmon has worked with organizations around the world: Fortune 500 companies, startups, associations across hundreds of industries, troops on the front lines, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Through his presentations and workshops, Thurmon helps these organizations to accelerate improvement, facilitate true breakthroughs, and enable and encourage greatness. 

Organizational change happens when people make breakthroughs. Thurmon's presentations help organizations to become more of who they strive to be. When that happens, people become better, companies become better, and the world becomes better.

ICBA Connect Session

Off Balance on Purpose 

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to face massive change — to be off balance. Energy has suffered, productivity has decreased, and team members have felt stuck.

During this live, virtual presentation, Dan Thurmon provides a shift in thinking plus strategies to transform the current disruption into your biggest opportunity for growth—to put you back on purpose.

He will also teach a very different and effective model for integrating your work and your life so that you can be more fulfilled personally while you succeed professionally.