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1255 W 15th St., Ste. 830
PlanoTX  75075-7297
Booth Number: Booth # 315
Phone: (972) 781-2020
Fax: (972) 398-3009
ICBA Member: 15 years
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Sales Contact
Ms. Kathy Orr Smith
(972) 781-2020

About Us

Bank Compensation Consulting (BCC) specializes in assisting financial institutions with the evaluation of their compensation programs.  With BCC’s help, banks identify deficiencies in their current programs and create customized plans to fill these gaps.  BCC also helps identify ways to offset the cost of plans with Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI). 

BCC’s has helped more than 600 banks in 40 states with an expert team that includes CPAs, CFP s, attorneys, MBAs, a former bank president and a former Texas Bankers Association Chairman. 

BCC is committed to being the best service provider to their clients.   As an affirmation of this commitment, BCC created “BankCare,” and internal quality control standard that complemen

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