Webinar: Mobile Banking & Patent Infringement

11/15/2012 - 11/15/2012

Telephone Seminar

Time: 3:00 pm Eastern | 2:00 pm Central | 1:00 pm Mountain | 12:00 pm Pacific

Length: 60 minutes

As online and mobile banking solutions increasingly intersect with the hotly-litigated world of smartphones and smartphone applications, banks continue to be targeted for claims of patent infringement. Within the past month alone, for example, plaintiffs have filed twenty different lawsuits against a variety of financial institutions alleging infringement of patents related to iPhone and Android online and mobile banking applications. With a latest round of lawsuits filed on October 23, 2012. Leon Stambler, who owns a portfolio of patents related to secure online transactions has sued six different banks for patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas. Stambler alleges that the banks-Ameriprise, Barclays, Fifth Third, First Citizens, First National of Nebraska, and Northern Trust-infringe his patents by offering "secure online banking products and/or services" through their interactive websites. Stambler has an extensive history of litigation against financial institutions, with these lawsuits following quickly on the heels of a previous round filed in September against Ally Financial, Capital One, and the Federal Reserve network of banks.

At this webinar, we will discuss the impact of patent litigation on the online and mobile banking markets and the steps that can be taken to minimize the risks of competing in those markets. Key topics include:

  • How Banks and Financial Institutions Open Themselves to Patent Infringement Claims - including for smartphone applications and banking software
  • Recent Patent Case Law Developments Affecting Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Strategies for Overcoming and/or Avoiding Claims of Patent Infringement


Brian Seal, Counsel with Ratner Prestia
Tom Southard, Ratner Prestia Shareholder

Ratner Prestia is an intellectual property law firm that focuses on patent, trademarks, copyrights and litigation, with offices in suburban Philadelphia, Wilmington, Delaware and Washington, D.C. Ratner Prestia attorneys litigate across the United States and have represented clients in popular patent forums including the Eastern District of Texas, the District of New Jersey, the Western District of Wisconsin, the Northern District of Illinois, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the District of Delaware.www.ratnerprestia.com


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