Audio Conf: Desperation To Dedication: Robbery Prevention

11/06/2013 - 11/06/2013

Telephone Seminar

Time: 3:00 pm Eastern | 2:00 pm Central | 1:00 pm Mountain | 12:00 pm Pacific

Length: 60 Minutes

Bank robberies are an unfortunate risk of banking. They endanger customers, staff and steal your sense of security. ICBA Education's Desperation to Dedication: Bank Robbery Prevention audio conference will provide your entire staff with the necessary knowledge if the unthinkable should happen. A properly trained employee can not only help spot and prevent robberies, but also aid law enforcement in the apprehension of the thieves and assist in the recovery of your bank's funds. Ensure your employees are prepared and your bank meets the requirements of the Bank Protection Act.

This audio conference will address:

  • What to do during a robbery and what actions to take immediately following a robbery
  • Why robberies are on the rise nationwide and why this trend will continue
  • Why does the holiday season bring such an increase in robberies
  • "Morning glory" robberies and how to counter these type of robberies
  • How to get bank employees to buy into robbery prevention
  • When to activate the silent alarm and dye packs
  • Why over 50% of all robberies occur on Friday's between 9-11 a.m.
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment through Law Enforcement and Crime Statistics
  • How physical locations are viewed by would-be robbers

Presenter: Troy Evans

Troy Evans is a speaker and consultant, with over a decade of experience surrounding robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery. Troy will share real-life insights regarding robbery techniques, common red flags that identify would be robbers, and more. Learn More.


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Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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