Moody’s Analytics 2nd Annual Ag Day Conference 2021!


Sep 22 - Sep 23, 2021

Moody's Analytics Ag Day is a virtual conference dedicated solely to the discussion of these critical Agriculture topics and more, with peer sharing and best practice concepts we all need to be thinking about today and going forward.

Join ICBA Preferred Service Provider Moody’s Analytics for the 2nd annual Ag Day Conference on September 22 & 23, 2021!

Over these two days, we will address critical agriculture challenges today and into the future, and will feature top agricultural industry experts focused on the following topics:

  • Dr. David Kohl: The Road Ahead in Agriculture
  • Ag Disruptors: How to Adjust to Changes in Tech, Science, Climate, and Consumer Perceptions
  • Generational Knowledge Transfer: Impacts to Your Organization and Your Producers
  • Challenger Questions: Moving Producers from Tractor Drivers to Business Acumen