Q1 Results - Light at the End of the Tunnel


May 6, 2021

QwickRate® is hosting a webinar that will discuss Q1 performance and current trends — such as how the state of banking is being impacted by accelerating vaccinations and optimism among U.S. business – as well as whether that really is light we see up ahead.

Vaccinations are accelerating and U.S. businesses are expressing more optimism about their near future. Should bankers follow suit? It’s too early to know COVID’s true impact on economic and customer conditions – but it’s not too soon to question what Q1 numbers say about the state of banking.

Is that really light we see up ahead? If so, what’s to be done about loan provisions? Loan demand? Will net interest margin increase? Have we scheduled a loan review? Will we be ready for in-person exams?

Join this webinar for the Q&A discussion every banker should hear at this critical point in the year. We’ll use QwickAnalytics to break down the numbers that show where the industry is now and where the tracks may be taking us in 2021.