2019 Sessions

Take a look at the highlights of 2019's LEAD FWD Summit and keep an eye on this page as we'll soon reveal 2020's keynote speakers, panel discussions, individual sessions and much, much more!


Welcome and Opening Keynote: Train Your Brain for Success

Roger Seip, Co-Founder, Freedom Personal Development

Your brain is the single biggest driver of your energy, focus, and the results you achieve in every aspect of your life. Whether we are talking about your career, your finances, your physical health, or even your relationships – everything is created and influenced by your thinking. Unfortunately, your brain didn’t come with an owner’s manual…until now.

In only the time it would normally take you to go out for lunch, you will learn to harness the incredible creative capacity of your mind so that you can achieve your best – professionally, financially, and personally. Be prepared to reprogram your brain and break free of negative thought patterns so that you can put your brain to work FOR you and NOT against you!

Closing Keynote: Why Curiosity is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Diana Kander, NY Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker & Innovation Consultant

Why is it that most companies reach the peak of their potential, then lose their curiosity, and crash into irrelevance? From how we develop blind spots about our business, to the pitfalls of feeling like an expert, this thought-provoking, engaging discussion reveals the smokescreens obscuring imminent threats to long-term viability and walks you through specific ways to boost innovation, uncover customer needs, solve problems, create new value for customers, and increase employee engagement. Most importantly, learn why your curiosity is your greatest asset to drive constant innovation and help your company thrive and compete— ultimately, future-proofing your business.


Education Session: How High is the Risk? Banking the Legal Cannabis Industry

Adam Maier, Partner, Stinson, LLP
Zane Gilmer, Partner, Stinson, LLP

While banking and cannabis has been a significant issue for years, it is becoming more widespread with cannabis legislation passing in more states. Over 30 states and the District of Columbia permit some form of medical cannabis. There are 10 states and the District of Columbia that permit recreational (or retail) cannabis. Several other states permit cannabidiol (CBD) and other lower level cannabis-related activity. Hear about recent developments and key issues facing financial institutions concerning legal cannabis, including the regulatory landscape, recent lawsuits against banks, common pitfalls, and how some community banks are taking advantage of the growing opportunity to bank this emerging industry.

Risk Management Session: Strategies for Success

Neil Falken, Principal, CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)

Effective risk management is essential to the safety and soundness of your bank. Credit risk, compliance risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, IT risk and more...are all areas of risk that today’s community bank leaders must actively monitor. Participants will explore areas of significant risk for any bank, how to mitigate the risk, and better yet...how to stay ahead of it.

Leadership Session: Discovering Your Memory Power

Roger Seip, Freedom Personal Development

Your profession demands that you remember a wealth of knowledge. A simple memory slip can result in lost revenue, a decrease in sales, jeopardized relationships, and threatened credibility. In today’s competitive market, responsible relationships and sales are key components of business success. We will share strategies to build your competitive advantage by learning how to train your memory. Names, faces, to-do lists, numbers, information – learn proven techniques to maximize your memory power!

Session: Top 10 Things You Should Know to Manage Privacy and Data Security Risks

C. Phillip Buffington, Jr., Partner and Financial Services Team Leader, Adams & Reese
David F. Katz, Partner, Adams & Reese

Noted as a top challenge for financial institutions today, cybersecurity, data security, and data privacy are critical considerations for all community bank leaders. Hear from our expert panelists as they reveal the answers to the “Top 10” questions every community bank leader must ask to ensure that its bank’s information security program and security efforts are buttoned up and prepared for any disturbance. In addition to the “big three” – cyber, data management, and privacy, community bank leaders should come ready to discuss information security programs, vendor due diligence, cyber insurance, and more!

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion: The Future of Payments Is Here!

Chris Kelley, Executive Director, Barret Graduate School of Banking

Tina Giorgio, President & CEO, ICBA Bancard®
Damon Moorer, President & CEO, TCM Bank, N.A.
Kris Carrera, Business Line Executive, Credit Payments, FIS

Immerse yourself in the future of payments! Join this panel discussion with leading experts in the payments industry for a lively discussion on topics ranging from payments trends, innovations, and their impacts on community banks. We invite you to engage with the experts, ask questions, and glean actionable insights that will strengthen your payments strategy.

Panel Discussion: A Succession Story

Preston Kennedy, President Emeritus, Bank of Zachary, La.
Mark Marionneaux, President/CEO, Bank of Zachary, La.

Does your bank have a succession plan? Will it work when the trigger is pulled? Succession planning is a top challenge for today’s community bank leaders. Hear from ICBA Chairman and Bank of Zachary President Emeritus Preston Kennedy and his successor, Bank of Zachary President and CEO Mark Marionneaux, as they share the hurdles overturned and benefits achieved during their passing of the baton. Often the greatest lessons are learned from those who paved a path.

Eye Openers

Mortgages Go Mobile: Drive Efficiency and Boost Production

Paul Drobot, Vice President of Sales, SimpleNexus

New technology has transformed the mortgage process, providing lenders with tool sets that boost loan officer efficiency, improve productivity and provide transparency to borrowers and real estate partners during the loan process. Learn about the current mortgage technology landscape and explore the lender benefits of mobile origination tools. See first-hand how loan officers can leverage a complete digital mortgage platform to quickly and easily access their pipeline, order credit, run pricing, view appraisals, send pre-approvals, and sign disclosures—all from their mobile devices while syncing in real-time with their LOS. Review elements of a profitable digital mortgage strategy and take in key considerations for selecting technology partners.

The State of Fraud

James Heystek, Sales Executive, FIS
Cameron Arnold, Senior Director of Fraud Product Development, FIS

Are you up-to-speed on today’s most critical fraud threats and how market trends are shaping the fraud/risk landscape? Learn about the most pervasive types of fraud and preventive measures that you can take to optimize your risk management efforts and empower your cardholders. Familiarize yourself with the early indicators of a data breach and about the benefits of global fraud identification networks.

Funding Strategies for a Changing Deposit Marketplace

Steve Kinner, Senior Managing Director, Promontory Interfinancial Network
Chuck McBrayer, Regional Director, Promontory Interfinancial Network 

We are in an economic environment not seen for more than decade. Competition is heating up from the largest banks, loan demand is outpacing deposit growth, and according to our Quarterly Survey of Bank Executives Business Outlook Survey, rising funding costs are a growing challenge for community banks. In our most recent survey, a majority of bankers projected higher funding costs over the coming year. Learn how your institution can get a leg up on these concerns now as we uncover how recent regulatory changes have opened the door to new opportunities, smart ways to manage funding costs using deposit placement services, and insights on how some community banks are using innovative strategies to grow deposits.

Clean Up on Aisle 2! Preparing Your Bank for (Potentially) Tougher Times Ahead

Doc Bodine, Managing Director, Gerrish Smith Tuck

Forecasts show the economy may be slowing, and dare we say, a recession perhaps looming on the horizon? Now you get the call, an examination is scheduled, and the regulatory agencies are refocusing on hot button issues such as Reg. O, UDAAP, and fair lending issues. How does your bank prepare for this evolving environment? Learn what issues your bank should be focused on and the steps it should take to prepare for the examination process and expected regulatory hot button topics as an economic slowdown approaches.


Leadership-In-A-Box: My Way or the Highway (Won’t Work Anymore)

Sarah Bacehowski, President, Mills Marketing
Derek Baker, Account Manager, Mills Marketing
Kris Mattoon, Senior Account Manager, Mills Marketing

In today’s workforce we have a more generationally diverse group than ever before—which is exciting but challenging in that it requires leaders to understand and respond to behaviors and needs that they may not relate to personally. In this session, you’ll learn what’s important, relevant, motivating, and demotivating to Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers so that you can become a more effective leader.


Workshop: Use the Power of Curiosity to Solve Problems and Achieve Your Goals

Diana Kander, NY Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker & Innovation Consultant

Doing what you've always done isn't going to get you to extraordinary results. Do you have a big, hairy, audacious goal or a pervasive problem that you have been trying to solve? Learn the four essential “Curiosity Questions” that you must ask yourself to achieve significant results. Bring a specific goal that you would like to reach over the next year and leave with a roadmap to achieve it.

Workshop: Escaping Your Own Leadership Drawbacks

Outback Team Building & Training 

Which team will be the first to recover the stolen jewels? In order to crack the case, your team will need to quickly uncover the clues and solve a series of puzzles that require collaboration, creative problem solving, and thinking outside the box. Your team will have limited time to recover the jewels before the thief returns! Will you make it?

Working with Political Subdivisions Workshop: Banking and Funding

Chris Wright, Senior Associate, Bank Funding Advisor, PMA Funding
Todd Terrazas, Institutional Investment Sales Manager, PMA Funding

Political subdivisions can add value through banking services and as a stable source of funding throughout various economic cycles. To make the most of the opportunities political subdivisions provide, it is important to understand how they work. Attendees will learn how to identify services that they can provide political subdivisions based on their bank’s size and ability. In addition, attendees will develop an understanding of political subdivision investment policies to influence their deposit decisions.


LEAD FWD Talk: Community Bank Fintech Partnerships: Due Diligence Requirements & More

Heather Archer Eastep, Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth

For more than 150 years, community banks have evolved in step with the technological changes occurring within the financial services industry. The ATM, mobile banking, and RDC are perfect examples of how banks have collaborated with technology providers to meet the experiential and transactional demands of customers. Community banks are well-positioned to blend the strengths of their operations with fintech innovations; however, a bank’s due diligence strategy is key to meeting regulatory expectations. Come along as we discuss risk profiles and vital risk mitigation strategies.

LEAD FWD Talk: BankSafe: AARP, Community Bankers, and a New Era in the Financial Exploitation Fight

Jilenne Gunther, National Director of BankSafe, AARP

One in five older Americans are victims of financial exploitation with each victim losing on average $120,000. ICBA recently teamed with AARP to offer AARP’s innovative employee training platform BankSafe to ICBA members. Test drive this training resource and learn how your bank can use it to help its staff confidently recognize exploitation red flags and take steps to mitigate this risk to your bank and its customers.

LEAD FWD Talk: The Continued Prevalence of Community Banking

Greyson E. Tuck, Attorney, Gerrish Smith Tuck

Relationships matter. Community bankers know their communities and their customers better than anyone. Customer problems are unique and megabank solutions are not. We’ll bust myths and squash rumors claiming that competition is driving community banks out of existence. Instead, hear why megabanks, fintechs, credit unions, and other alternative service providers will not make community banks irrelevant in the future. In fact, hear why community banks must GET LOUDER in amplifying their important benefits!

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