Warning:  Registration List Scam

If you are contacted by a company claiming they have the ICBA Registration list for sale, please do not do business with them. ICBA does not share its registration list with outside vendors. ICBA will send out an attendee list to all exhibiting companies approximately three weeks before the convention.  As a reminder, the list will not contain phone, fax or email.  This information would be captured by renting a scanner through ATS.

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Exhibitor FAQs

What is included with my booth?

Each booth is a 10'x10' space and includes a listing and company description online and on the event mobile app. You will also receive a pre-show list of attendees, three hall passes and one  complimentary registration.

Is a table and chairs included with my booth?

No. Please order any furniture as well as electrical, waste baskets, plants, etc, through GES.

Will the hall be carpeted?

No. You must rent carpet for your booth if you do not have your own.

Can I bring my child in with me to set up the booth?

Because the exhibit hall is technically a construction zone during booth set-up, no child under 18 will be allowed in the exhibit hall during this time.

What if I can’t get to the hall to set up my booth until after 5:00 p.m.?

If you think you might be late in getting to the show to set-up, please contact missy.volkmann@icba.org to request an After-Hours Pass. A copy of this pass will be sent to you as well as given to security to allow you access to the hall during this time. Although the hall doesn’t open until 3:00 p.m. on Monday, March 18, ICBA would like booth set up to be completed on Sunday, March 17. All booths must be set-up and show ready no later than noon on Monday in order to give GES time for final cleaning and show preparation.

What time should I be in my booth?

We ask that exhibitors be in their booth at least fifteen minutes prior to the hall opening. Your exhibitor badge will allow you access to the hall.

What do I need to get into the hall?

Your Exhibitor Badge will be necessary to get you into the hall. We will have security and they will be checking.

What does my Exhibit Hall Pass include?

Your Exhibit Hall Pass will allow you access to the exhibit hall, including the Expo Reception and any other events held during exhibit hall hours.

What does my exhibitor registration include?

Your Exhibitor Registration will allow you access to the exhibit hall, including the Expo Reception as well as the workshops and General Sessions through Thursday, March 21. Exhibitor registrations do not include a ticket to the closing event on March 21. Tickets may be purchased for $175.

Will there be security in the hall?

Yes, there will be security both outside (checking badges) as well as inside the hall when the hall is closed. However, ICBA strongly recommends that all valuables (e.g., laptop computers, cellular phones, etc.) be removed from your booth at the conclusion of each exhibit session. ICBA and the Music City Convention Center are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Leaving valuable items in your booth is done so at your own risk.

Will there be food in the exhibit hall for vendors?

There will be light snacks on Monday evening during the Expo Reception, breakfast items on Tuesday morning as well as box lunches on Tuesday afternoon. Exhibitors are welcome to take part, but we ask that bankers be allowed to go through the lines first.

Can I ship directly to the hotel?

Yes, however, we encourage all shipments be sent to GES’s advance warehouse.

How can I avoid “forced freight” charges?

Exhibitors should arrange for outgoing shipments during the show or immediately after its close. GES will assist in the preparation of bills of lading. Where an exhibitor indicates choice of carrier for pickup, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange with such carrier for said pickup service. If the carrier does not pick up within the time limited for the removal of exhibitor’s materials at the Exhibit Hall, GES reserves the right to forward such material by the shipping method of their choice or to remove said material to their warehouse for disposition, at an additional charge to the exhibitor in accordance with prevailing rates for the service performed.

Do you provide a list of attendees prior to the convention?

Yes, a list of bankers attending the convention along with their mailing address will be emailed to you approximately three weeks prior to the convention for promotional purposes. Please note that due to contractual stipulations with our members, ICBA cannot provide the phone, fax or email addresses.

What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is required by ICBA of all companies exhibiting at the 2019 ICBA LIVE Convention and Expo. Please see an example of what is required. The Insured must be the name of the exhibiting company and both ICBA and Music City Convention Center must be listed under “Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles…..” Please forward your COI to missy.volkmann@icba.org.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! There are many opportunities for your company to get great exposure at the ICBA Convention. To learn what is available, please contact Matt Kusilek at 612-730-5940 or matt@icbabanks.org.

What are the state regional receptions? Can I attend?

They are receptions hosted by various State Associations. Attendance is by invitation only.

What is the exhibitor reception on Sunday evening?

This is an event hosted by ICBA for exhibitors only. It’s a chance for exhibitors to relax, enjoy a drink, grab a bite to eat, and register for prizes (must be present to win). It’s ICBA’s way of saying thank you for participating at the Expo, and is open to all exhibitor personnel (full registrants and hall passes).

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