Technology, Payments & Innovation Track

Informs you of the technological advances that can enhance your bank’s bottom line, increase its operational efficiencies and boost its competitiveness.

(Sessions are subject to change)

Can You Hear Me Now? How Chatbots are Revving-Up Financial Services

Chatbots are making headlines in the financial services sector. Hear how financial institutions and consumers are benefitting from chatbots today, what we can expect from this technology in the future, and what specific vendors and financial institutions are doing with this technology now. See how chatbots can help your community bank enhance customer experience, increase engagement, save costs, and improve loyalty.

Digital Payments Survival Kit

Does your bank have a comprehensive strategy to apply the newest payments technology? Digital payments are essential to be competitive. Learn about a brand-new survival kit from ICBA and Aite that includes tools to help your bank make important digital payments decisions.

Grow Deposits and Win Small Businesses With Faster Payments

A stable base of small business deposits is the fuel community banks need to survive and thrive. Faster payments are an important tool to attract and retain low-cost deposits in a rising rate environment and a key element to give business-banking clients the services they need.

Let’s Get Digital

Explore best practices for creating your overall bank strategy, new ways to target using innovative channels, the coolest bank (and non-bank) apps, and what you can learn from unlikely competitors: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Bring your creativity and your mobile phones.

IT in Community Banking: Is a Blank Check Even Enough?

Where do you draw the line with the IT budget? How do you support your IT staff without the burden of significant expense? Discuss solutions and strategies to help community bankers plan and stay competitive in the constantly evolving IT landscape without breaking the bank.

Lessons Learned From the Most Innovative Banks

A panel of bankers talk about their banks' cultures of innovation, growing pains, and successes, and make recommendations for others trying to pursue innovation.

Panel Discussion-Fintech Partnerships 101

Gain guidance from a banker, legal, and vendor perspective on how to create a successful partnership.

The Fintech You Need: A Fireside Chat About Global Innovation

Fintech experts discuss recent fintech trends and predictions for the future with a focus on where community banks need to concentrate their efforts now.

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