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Balance Sheet Strategies for a Flat Yield Curve

Wednesday March 20     1:00 PM - 1:55 PM    Room 209A
Rick Redmond, Director of Balance Sheet Strategies, Vining Sparks Interest Rate Products

With loan growth outpacing deposit growth, funding costs on the rise, deposit betas increasing, and an essentially flat yield curve, bankers need to consider innovative ways to maintain earnings momentum. Come away with strategies that you can use to improve performance and manage interest rate/liquidity risk.

Endgame in Sight? Fed Actions and Bond Market's Reactions

Thursday March 21     7:30 AM - 8:25 AM     Room 208A
Jim Reber, President, ICBA Securities

The current tightening phase of the Federal Open Market Committee that began in 2015 is now much longer in duration than any in the modern era. It also is the most gradual. Why is this time different? Learn the answer to this question and more as we look at the impact on the performance of a community bank balance sheet, focusing on both assets and liabilities.

Hold Your Breath: Take Advantage of an Underwater Bond Portfolio

Tuesday March 19     7:00 AM - 7:55 AM     Room 209B
Jim Reber, President, ICBA Securities

As the economy continues to strengthen, community banks now have to deal the unrealized loss in the bond portfolio and the evaporation of available liquidity. Review investment positions, discuss new regulations, and hear some recommendations for investments and portfolio structure that may perform well in the coming quarters and years.

Navigate Wholesale Funding Options

Thursday March 21     7:30 AM - 8:25 AM     Room 209A
Jim Lutter, SVP, Trading & Operations, PMA Funding
Todd Terrazas, Business Development Product & Sales Manager, PMA Funding

Three years into a tightening monetary policy, we are seeing a transparent agenda of planned Fed increases occurring at an accelerated pace. With increasing pressure on liquidity, financial institutions will look to alternative sources of funding. As the late stages of economic expansion continue, it’s essential to understand the complexities of wholesale funding to achieve desired goals.

Win With a Business Development Culture

Tuesday March 19     7:00 AM - 7:55 AM     Room 205A
Tom Hershberger, President/CEO, Cross Financial

Business development activities drive transactions, but business development cultures drive relationships and enterprise value. Learn how to structure and transform your existing business development culture to acquire new customers, expand relationships, and develop a brand that attracts top performing employees.

Funding Your Financial Institution in the New Age-Keys to Your Funding

Tuesday March 19     7:00 AM - 7:55 AM     Room 204     
Steve Kinner, Sr. Managing Director, Promontory Interfinancial Network

We are on the edge of an economic environment not seen for more than a decade. Rising rate expectations are higher than years past. Loan demand has stripped many of their past high liquidity levels. New pressure on deposits due to large bank liquidity rules all spell increased pressure on maintaining and growing core funding for community banks. What is your plan for managing funding? When do you plan to raise the cost of the historically “cheap” funding? How do issues like depositor concentrations, age and locational demographics, relationship levels, and other factors influence your future funding stability? How do you plan to replace highly concentrated, older depositors? Learn how your institution can get a “leg up” on these concerns before they force your hand.

Increase Revenue With Effective Account Analysis

Wednesday March 20     2:10 PM - 3:05 PM     Room 209A
Charles McNeilly, Product Manager, Fiserv

Accounts…Transactions…Debits…Credits…all the transactional data that a customer produces creates a plethora of opportunity for banks and financial institutions to maximize their fee-based income. But what do you charge and how much are you wasting in sub-optimal use of your pricing? Learn about how advanced account analysis systems can uncover deep insights, uncover inefficiencies, and maximize revenue opportunities.

Pirate the Retail Pricing Tactics of Mega Banks

Thursday March 21     7:30 AM - 8:25 AM     Room 208B
Tom Parliment, Chairman/CEO, Parliment Consulting Services

The pricing strategy that banks employ to manage the increasing costs of retail deposits in a rising rate environment pertains to managing funding costs at the margin. Marginal cost analysis requires an understanding of not only the operational aspects of measuring marginal cost, but also an understanding of the behavioral aspects of your customers’ rate sensitivity (especially in a rising rate environment) and the product mix of balances that will occur. These techniques require bankers to efficiently segment their markets and differentiate their products.


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