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Expert insight and guidance for today’s lending and retail environments including agriculture, small business, consumer and commercial products.

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Don’t Let Competing Ag Lenders Leave You in the Dust

While farm economic indicators are a mixed bag, ag real estate debt is projected to increase by more than five percent in 2018. Will your bank capture your share of new loan volume or will competitors outmuscle you? Learn how to build your ag lending portfolio while meeting and beating your competition!

USDA Rural Development Business Programs to Boost Bank Lending

Leverage USDA programs for great returns and help your customers and your community grow and prosper. Learn how USDA programs can help you increase your customer base, leverage bank capital, and increase your loan origination and servicing returns.

Extracting Profits From a Bad Ag Economy

Even as the ag economy stumbles, some farmers will be successful while others will see their financial situation continue to deteriorate. Get the latest data and insights on what factors contribute to each scenario and learn what lenders should be looking for when analyzing their customers’ financial pictures.

A Digital Mortgage Transformation Journey

See how digital technologies offer community banks a competitive advantage and better customer experience during the mortgage transformation journey. Learn about the current industry landscape, implementation, and delivery, and learn what Fannie Mae is hearing from customers and industry players.

Bank Executive Panel: Real-World SBA Lending Strategies and Tips

How can your bank easily gain 10-12 points of premium from SBA lending without adding extra staff or expense? What are the hottest market segments that you may be missing out on now? A panel of successful SBA lending bank executives and experts delve into best practices and acquired wisdom that will help any community bank drive a profitable and effective SBA lending program.

Deposits and Funding: What Now?

More than a third of all banks have loan-to-deposit ratios above 90 percent. Such levels are a concern due to expected outflows from banks to Wall Street. What are the economic underpinnings of these issues, how are regulators looking at these issues, and what should banks be doing?

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