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Education Sessions

Monday, September 30

10:00 – 11:45 a.m.

Preparing Today for Community Banking Tomorrow
The community banking industry is rapidly changing. The community banker of tomorrow will not be the same as the community banker of today. Hear emerging trends in the community banking industry to help you identify how you can position yourself to be successful as a community bank leader in the future. Discuss the current state of community banking, forthcoming changes in the industry, your responsibilities as a future leader in community banking and what actions you can take today to prepare for your leadership tomorrow.
Speaker: Greyson Tuck, Director, Gerrish McCreary Smith

Influencing Technology as Future Leaders
Hear the history of technology in banks including the evolution of application vendors and the systems used today. Learn how to be a positive influence on technology decisions and use technology trends that will impact community banks in the future. Hear what future leaders from the next generation needs to understand about past perspectives on technology use and what is now accepted and expected from customers to move the bank forward.
Speaker: Kent Conrad, Director of Technology Risk Management Services, McGladrey, LLP

1:45 – 2:45 p.m.

The New Regulatory Environment: Prepare to Comply and Compete
In today’s complex regulatory environment, there are opportunities that will allow your bank to meet the demands of your customers and also meet the expectations of regulators. Balancing these opportunities with the challenge of training your staff on compliance requirements is difficult, but possible. Learn how to be proactive in the compliance arena and help to move your bank forward.
Speaker: Lindsay LaNore, Director of Compliance & Training Services, Bequeaith Banking Solutions, LLC

Want Respect as a Leader? Listen Up!
The number one way for a leader to gain respect from any generation of employee is to become an effective listener. Employees don’t care how much you know as a leader, until they know how much you care about them as an employee. Listening is a skill that is critical to any leader’s success, but is rarely taught. Often, leaders are really good at hearing and not listening. The ability to be an effective leader is heavily influenced by a person’s ability to listen to those around them. Learn the techniques to gain instant respect from employees, customers and their family!
Speaker: John Graci, Director of Training, Trusight

3:00 4:00 p.m.

Generations at Work: What Bank Leaders Need to Know
How generationally friendly is your work place? Smart companies that really care about their people and their customers are making strides in creating generationally-friendly work environments. Recognizing commonalities as well as generational differences goes a long way in fostering collaboration, allowing everyone to do their best work and achieve organizational goals. However, it’s the differences, however minor, that can derail teams. You will better understand generational characteristics (work style, communication preferences, technology understanding, values); key causes of generational conflict in the workplace; best practices for fostering teamwork and creating high-performing teams.
Speaker: Regina Barr, Founder & CEO, Red Ladder

Innovation and Your Bottom Line
With an emphasis on analytics-driven pricing, marketing and customer loyalty programs, Fred Brothers will facilitate a discussion on strategic innovation opportunities for community banks to navigate the fundamental market shifts that are framing the banking landscape to grow NIM, fee income and share of customer wallet while improving expense efficiency.
Speaker: Fred Brothers, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, FIS

Tuesday, October 1

7:30 – 8:20 a.m.

Ten Practical Steps to Influence Consumer Emerging Payments Adoption
This session addresses consumer adoption of emerging payments and provides useful benchmarks that reveal recent changes in consumer preferences. Discover how financial institution packaging of capabilities influences consumer behavior, why consumers frequently make sub-optimal decisions in determining how to move money and ten practical steps for driving consumer ePayments adoption.
Speakers: Paul McAdam, SVP, Strategic Thought Leadership, FIS; Chuck Carr, Product Marketing Director - ePayments, FIS

8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Retail 2020: Future Branch
Experts predict that the future of community banking over the next ten years will undergo dramatic change, with increased non-traditional competition, the explosion of virtual channel management and increased regulatory control. Today’s banking environments must also evolve to meet the future demands of consumers. See how the financial services industry is repositioning itself to meet the shifting demands of consumers and how to position your organization as a market leader. Understand key market drivers influencing change; define the future role of the branch; key trends in retail distribution.
Speaker: Kevin Blair, President & CEO, NewGround

Leading When You’re NOT the Boss
Today’s leader is in a position of influence, rather than power. Your ability to affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking will be your most critical key to leadership success whether or not you are the one in charge. Learn how to use personal/positional power to your advantage; identify persuasive abilities and conflict style; create a strategy to manage personal leadership challenges.
Speaker: Regina Barr, Founder & CEO, Red Ladder

1:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Capitalizing on the Community Bank Advantage
Community banks have a number of advantages over their “too big to fail” counterparts. As an emerging leader in the community banking industry, you must understand these differences and how to capitalize on them. Learn to identify the advantages of a community bank when compared to their larger counterparts and will discuss how these
differences can be used to strengthen your organization and shape your long-term success.
Speaker: Greyson Tuck, Director, Gerrish McCreary Smith

Washington Update: Major Issues In Congress & How Community Bankers Shape Public Policy
Hear about current legislation affecting the community banking Industry. Issues include the Plan for Prosperity, Unfair Credit Union Competition, Ending Too-Big-To-Fail, Basel III and more. We will discuss the need for increased advocacy from community bankers at all stages of their careers. Learn tips and advice on how you can become a trusted voice with your local, state and national elected officials.
Speaker: Aaron Stetter, Senior Vice President, Congressional Relations & Advocacy, ICBA

3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Roundtable Discussions

Social Media & Community Banking
What is your community bank doing to embrace a culture obsessed with social media? What are your obstacles internally to moving forward with a robust social media program? Where do you even start to get involved and what are the opportunities? You aren’t alone if you have these questions and more. Social media is changing the way we all do business.
Moderator – Chris Lorence, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, ICBA

Engagement, Politics, Success and Your Career
Commit yourself to a personal culture of success through engagement (in the industry, your bank and politically). Come prepared for an energetic and interactive discussion on what it takes to be a successful and effective leader, and we’ll even touch on politics in our industry.
Moderator – Noah Wilcox, President/CEO, Grand Rapids State Bank

The Current Community Banking Environment from the Perspective of Future Bank Management
The state of the banking industry is in a constant state of evolution. What are some of your regulatory and compliance concerns, and what is the state of the current banking environment? What is your duty to help build shareholder value? We’ll discuss anything related to the current state of your bank.
Moderator – Greyson Tuck, Director, Gerrish McCreary Smith

Influencing Consumer Emerging Payment Adoption
What factors influence consumer behavior and adoption of emerging payments? Discuss how your packaging can change consumer behavior and why customers frequently make less than optimal decisions in how to move money.
Moderators – Paul McAdam, SVP Strategic Thought Leadership, FIS and Chuck Carr, Group Product Manager – ePayments, FIS

Wednesday, October 2

8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

60 Business Development Ideas in 90 Minutes to Make You Number 1 in Your Marketplace
Being number one has nothing to do with size, location or market share. These days it means having market mind share. Client development strategies are at the top of everyone’s activities list. This session will include:

  • How to interweave Trust-Based Selling into your daily activities
  • What “Trusted Advisor” means and what customers want from their banker today
  • A systematic prospecting system that works
  • How Social Collaboration impacts your success
  • Prepare for customer calls without paper
  • How to use free tools and a VIP strategy to enhance your career

Speaker: Jack Hubbard, Chairman & Chief Sales Officer, St. Meyer & Hubbard

How Does Our Bank Make Money? Dissecting the Financial Statements and Operations of a Community Bank
Future leaders, regardless of title or position, need to have a sound understanding of how a bank makes money, including a better understanding of the balance sheet and income statement. We’ll walk through the operations of the organization and you’ll learn about the critical components (funding, profitability, net interest margin and ratios) to be more profitable.
Speaker: Neil Falken, Partner, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP

9:45 – 11:15 a.m.

Maximizing Your Community Bank’s Social Media Marketing Strategy
While community banks have come a long way technologically, for many, social media still represents the next frontier. Learn how to take advantage of a social presence, change negative social sentiment into a positive customer experience and maximize the value of Facebook, Pintrest and other social channels to increase engagement and drive brand advocacy.
Speaker: Beau Ballin, Director of Marketing, MotivAction

Mortgage Lending in Today’s Market
The mortgage industry and homeowners alike have been faced with countless challenges over the past several years. Some headlines have declared that housing back. Some markets are seeing tremendous appreciation and many economists are forecasting steady growth. At the same time, we’ve seen changes to the FHA and conventional guidelines. We’re also turning our focus back to a purchase market. Join us as we examine recent market trends, reaching first-time homebuyers and examining their demographics and student debt, as well marketing ideas for community bankers looking to reach this group, and much more.
Speaker: Vance Edwards, Senior Program Manager, MGIC Investment Corporation

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