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Dec. 6 Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating the Numbers Correctly!   Download | Order CD
Dec. 7 Cybersecurity: Measures That Will Offer the Best Defense   Download | Order CD
Dec. 8 How to Navigate Diversity Policies, Executive Orders, and Affirmative Action Plans     Download | Order CD
Jan. 4 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Jan. 13 Advanced Cash Flow Analysis     Download | Order CD
Feb. 1 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Feb. 7 Basic Personal & Business Tax Return Analysis     Download | Order CD
March 1 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
March 7 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis     Download | Order CD
April 4 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
April 5 Call Report     Download | Order CD
May 3 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
June 7 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Aug. 2 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Sept. 6 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Oct. 4 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Nov. 1 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Dec. 6 First Wednesday Webinar     Download | Order CD
Purchase Recordings of Past Webinars
Nov. 30 ATM Skimming:  Staying One Step Ahead    Download | Order CD
Nov. 22 How to Craft and Effective Commercial Loan Write-Up    Download | Order CD
Nov. 18 Post Wells Fargo: Structuring Incentive Compensation Under the New Playbook    Download | Order CD
Nov. 16 Innovation: How To Create An Innovative Culture    Download | Order CD
Nov. 15 The Dark Web: Managing Cyber Risks and Preventing Incidents    Download | Order CD
Nov. 10 Employment Law Update: Stay in the Know    Download | Order CD
Nov. 9 Unique Issues to Mutual Community Banks     Download | Order CD
Nov. 2 Allowance for Loan Loss Reserve     Download | Order CD
Oct. 25 Loan Structure, Documentation, and Compliance Training     Download | Order CD
Oct. 19 Effective Strategic Planning     Download | Order CD
Oct. 18 Train Your Brain for Success     Download | Order CD
Oct. 13 ADA and Website Compliance: Plaintiff Lawyer’s New Front     Download | Order CD
Oct. 5 Key Points on Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP)   Download | Order CD
Sept. 29 Understanding, Building and Planning for the Use of Capital     Download | Order CD
Sept. 27 Banking the Medical, Legal and Accounting Professional    Download | Order CD
Sept. 21 Community Bank Acquisitions in Today’s Environment     Download | Order CD
Sept. 20 Your Leadership Brand: Evaluate Your Impact     Download | Order CD
Sept. 15 What’s In Your Future: CECL and ALLL     Download | Order CD
Sept. 13 New 2017 & 2018 HMDA Requirements     Download | Order CD
Sept. 8 Tax & Audit Strategies for a Community Bank Leader    Download | Order CD
Sept. 7 BSA/AML Spotlight: Beneficial Ownership & CDD     Download | Order CD
Aug. 24 Compensation Practices     Download | Order CD
Aug. 23 Introduction to Commercial Lending     Download | Order CD
Aug. 18 Third-Party Risk     Download | Order CD
Aug. 16 The 10 Keys to Effective Compliance for Community Bank Leaders     Download | Order CD
Aug. 9 Transitions: Learning To Lead    Download | Order CD
Aug. 3 Effective Internal Audit and Board Reporting   Download | Order CD
July 22 Introduction to Consumer Lending    Download | Order CD
July 14 Banking Cannabis    Download | Order CD
July 13 Balance Sheet Management for Community Bank Leaders     Download | Order CD
July 6 How WAN & Network Technology Can Lead to Better Returns     Download | Order CD
June 28 New FDIC Deposit Insurance Assessment Rules for Small Banks    
June 9 The New World of Cyber for Community Bank Leaders     Download | Order CD
June 8 Capital Planning in the Current Environment     Download | Order CD
June 7 Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today's Economy     Download | Order CD
June 1 Internal Audit of the Call Report     Download | Order CD
May 25 Vendor Management & Risk Strategies for Community Bank Leaders     Download | Order CD
May 24 Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Lending in Today's Market     Download | Order CD
May 11 Today’s Biggest Cyber Threats for Community Banks     Download | Order CD
May 11 Effective Community Bank Strategic Planning     Download | Order CD
May 5 Same Day ACH: Are you ready?     Download | Order CD
May 4 BSA/AML Update     Download | Order CD
May 3 Recent Developments in Community Bank M&A     Download | Order CD
April 26 UDAAP and Fair Lending     Download | Order CD
April 21 NACHA Operating Rules: What This Means for ODFIs     Download | Order CD
April 19 Advanced Tax Return Analysis (Personal & Business)    Download | Order CD
April 12 BYOD & MDM-Limiting Risk & Realizing Opportunities     Download | Order CD
April 7 NACHA Operating Rules: What This Means for RDFIs: Part 2     Download | Order CD
April 5 Call Report 2016 Update   Download | Order CD
March 24 NACHA Operating Rules Have Changed: Part 1     Download | Order CD
March 23 2016 Investment Landscape    Download | Order CD
March 22 Lending for the Retail Manager    Download | Order CD
March 15 Disclosures that Protect Your Bank in 2016    Download | Order CD
March 2 Lending Compliance Hot Topics    Download | Order CD
Feb. 24 Cyber Security in the Boardroom: The New Reality for Directors    Download | Order CD
Feb. 23 Basic Personal & Business Tax Return Analysis    Download | Order CD
Feb. 18 Capital: Understanding, Building and Using It    Download | Order CD
Feb. 11 Implement Innovation: How Much Change Is Too Much?     Download | Order CD
Feb. 10 FFIEC IT Management Handbook Revised – Are you ready?    Download | Order CD
Feb. 3 Data Anlaytics: Improve Your Next Audit    Download | Order CD
Jan. 28 The Ins and Outs of Officer Employment Agreements     Download | Order CD
Jan. 26 Omnichannel Banking: Get on Board with the Evolution    Download | Order CD
Jan. 20 Growth Strategy: Do You Have It?     Download | Order CD
Jan. 5 Negotiation Skills for Effective Business Development    Download | Order CD
Dec. 10 Fair Lending/UDAAP    Download | Order CD
Dec. 3 Community Banking 2015: Look Back & Look Ahead     Download | Order CD
Nov. 30 FREE FASB’s Accounting Revamp: All Loans Are Bad the Day You Make Them     Download 
Nov. 24 Cash, Credit & Collections Management: The Life Blood of the Business      Download | Order CD
Nov. 19 Fair Lending: Trending Topics and Concerns     Download | Order CD
Nov. 18 Take Your PR from Entitlement to Enlightenment     Download | Order CD
Nov. 17 Rethinking Capital Raising     Download | Order CD
Nov. 10 Regulation W: A Survivors Guide?     DownloadOrder CD
1/16/14  FREE Applicability of the Volcker Rule To TruPS CDOs     Download
1/15/14 FREE Target Security Breach:  What You Need To Know    Download


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