ICBA - Online Education Courses - Online: Outlook 2007: Level 1

Online: Outlook 2007: Level 1

Level 1: 58 Lessons - approximately 6 hours of trainingThis basic course introduces students to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Students will learn how to create, send, preview, read, reply to, and forward e-mail messages. They'll also learn about recalling messages, attaching files to messages, resending messages, marking messages as unread, deleting messages, organizing messages into folders, and previewing and printing messages. Besides teaching these basic mail management skills, the course looks at Outlook as a personal information management system. It examines how to add and organize contact information and how to manage time with the Calendar. Specifically, students will learn about adding new contacts, modifying contact records, and saving and modifying Electronic Business Cards. They'll also learn to schedule appointments, create recurring events, mark items as private, add tasks in the new To-Do Bar, update the status of tasks, mark tasks as complete, and create and modify notes. Finally, the Junk E-mail Filter will be explored, teaching skills such as emptying the Junk E-mail folder and specifying safe and blocked senders.

This program contains 1 module(s).

3 CPE Credit(s)

Category:  Computer Skills

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