ICBA - Online Education Courses - Online: Robbery Prevention Techniques for Security Officers

Online: Robbery Prevention Techniques for Security Officers

The Security Officer's primary duty is to develop and administer a written Security Program for the institution. This is not an option for any financial institution - banks, credit unions or thrifts - it is a regulatory requirement. And even if it wasn't a requirement, initiating and maintaining an effective Security Program just makes good business sense. The Security Program must contain policies and procedures that address robberies - as well as an initial and periodic training program that also addresses robbery.The purpose of this module is to examine the contributing factors common to most robberies - both the ones that the institution may control and the ones it can't. If the institution's robbery prevention efforts are unsuccessful, we will suggest potential solutions that managers and executives may consider in responding to robberies and their inevitable aftermath.

This program contains 2 module(s).

1 CPE Credit(s)

Category:  Security Skills

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