ICBA - Online Education Courses - Online: Supervisory Law (CA 2015)

Online: Supervisory Law (CA 2015)

The laws governing employment, especially in California, are very complex. The objective of this online workshop is to raise awareness among employees at the leadership level so that they are sensitive to issues that could have litigious repercussions. The course will provide you with 10 fundamental practices by which to manage and lead others. These basic principles reflect good business practices and respectful corporate values. They will give you a general framework for carrying out your duties as a supervisor or manager. Please note that this course does not represent the 'whole and sum' of employment law. If you have questions or concerns, consult your HR department or seek appropriate legal advice.

This program contains 1 module(s).

1 CPE Credit(s)

Category:  California Specific Courses

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