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In today’s banking environment as soon as one big new regulation is implemented another pops up. ICBA’s compliance training opportunities and exceptional resources, online and offline, will help your community bank stay informed and one step ahead of the regulators.

Recent Compliance News

CFPB study: Depositories lead on supplier diversity

Jan 20, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study on diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector found depository lenders had the strongest showing in the area of supplier diversity.

CFPB announces settlement on consumer task force

Jan 18, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau settled a lawsuit alleging that its Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law did not comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Upcoming Compliance Training

Agricultural Credit Analysis Seminar – Virtual

The ICBA Agricultural Credit Analysis seminar addresses the issues in the market and provides the tools to assess the borrower’s ability to navigate difficult times.

This course is designed to meet the needs of agricultural lenders. In the last decade, the agriculture field has faced significant headwinds that have stressed many farmers and lenders alike. 

Using the core financial statements, we will structure the analysis and borrower’s cash flow to determine the right credit structure when financing is warranted. We will also look at catching the early warning signs of deterioration and what can be done.

Topics include: 

Understanding Credit Risk
  • Agriculture Market Risk
  • Agriculture Management Risk
Financial Statement Analysis
  • Crop/Animal Statements
  • Cash Budgets
Liquidity Management
  • Guarantor Analysis
  • Sensitivity/Stress Tests
Agriculture Cash Flow Analysis
  • Operational Cash Flow
  • Global Cash Flow
  • Coverage Issues
Developing the Right Credit Structure
  • Seasonal Lines
  • Term Loans
  • Carry Over Loans
Early Warning Signs of Deterioration
  • Systemic Market Issues
  • Management Issues

Compliance Question of the Week

QUESTION: Does Regulation O address overdrafts incurred by an executive officer, director or executive officer of an affiliate?


No member bank may pay an overdraft of an executive officer or director of the bank or executive officer or director of its affiliates* on an account at the bank, unless the payment of funds is made in accordance with:

  • (i) A written, preauthorized, interest-bearing extension of credit plan that specifies a method of repayment; or 
  • (ii) A written, preauthorized transfer of funds from another account of the account holder at the bank.   

The prohibition of this section does not apply to payment of inadvertent overdrafts on an account in an aggregate amount of $1,000 or less, provided:

  • (i) The account is not overdrawn for more than 5 business days; and
  • (ii) The member bank charges the executive officer or director the same fee charged any other customer of the bank in similar circumstances. 

* This prohibition does not apply to the payment by a member bank of an overdraft of a principal shareholder of the member bank, unless the principal shareholder is also an executive officer or director.

This prohibition also does not apply to the payment by a member bank of an overdraft of a related interest of an executive officer, director, or principal shareholder of the member bank or executive officer, director, or principal shareholder of its affiliates.

Reference: 12 CFR 215.4(e).

Compliance Vault

The ICBA Compliance Vault is now available as a member benefit to all ICBA members.

The Compliance Vault is a reliable search tool that helps you find answers to your regulatory compliance questions, with access to over 2,500 Q&As, select online courses, and documents.

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Compliance Resources

Online Training

Online Training Plans - CBU

CBU Graphic

Community Banker University offers a variety of online training options with courses that build knowledge and a strong foundation within key areas of the banking industry and professional development.

Prices vary by plan, check the plan comparison chart for more information!

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Online Training

Compliance Certificate Program

Online Certificates

The courses in the Community Banker Compliance Certificate Program are designed to give community bankers the knowledge and skills they need to become experts in regulatory compliance. The certificate program consists of four critical learning areas.

$499 / ICBA Members

$1,499 / Non-Members

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Compliance Working Papers

Compliance Education Graphic

One of the three elements of an effective compliance program is monitoring and corrective action. These compliance working papers are essential for monitoring your financial institution’s compliance with federal consumer compliance laws and regulations.

Initial Price
ICBA Member: $599
Nonmember: $799

Annual Digital Renewal
ICBA Member: $299
Nonmember: $399

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Compliance Deskbook and Bulletin Service

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The ICBA Compliance Deskbook is the industry’s premier resource for compliance information. Access regulations, important dates, agency guidance, questionnaires, and other resources in one place.

Initial Price
ICBA Member: $399
Nonmember: $549

Annual Digital Renewal
ICBA Member: $249
Nonmember: $349

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Bank Policies

Policy Products
Alleviate the tedious task of developing bank policies from scratch. These policies provide a quick reference with thorough, easy-to-read instructions to guide your bank through the policy development or revision process.
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Bank Compliance Checkup Program

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The Bank Compliance Checkup Program provides a comprehensive system for on-going monitoring of your bank’s compliance with Deposit, Lending, Administrative and IT/Tech/Security regulations.

Initial Price:
ICBA Member: $395
Nonmember: $595

Annual Digital Renewal:
ICBA Member: $199
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