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In today’s banking environment as soon as one big new regulation is implemented another pops up. ICBA’s compliance training opportunities and exceptional resources, online and offline, will help your community bank stay informed and one step ahead of the regulators.

Recent Compliance News

CFPB revises Reg Z dollar amounts

Oct 27, 2021 | NewsWatch Today
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a final rule amending the official interpretations for Regulation Z, which implements the Truth in Lending Act.

OCC issues FAQs on rescinding CRA rule

Oct 27, 2021 | NewsWatch Today
The OCC issued responses to frequently asked questions on its proposal to rescind its June 2020 Community Reinvestment Act rule and replace it with interagency rules adopted in 1995.

Upcoming Compliance Training

Banking High-Risk Customers: Considerations for Banking Digital Asset, Fintech, Payment and Other High-Risk Companies

Businesses in high risk industries, including fintechs, digital asset custodians, cryptocurrency miners, payments companies, and other non-bank financial companies are increasingly seeking customized bank solutions and partnerships.

This presentation will discuss the strategic and operational considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding to bank or partner with these types of high-risk companies.

The state and federal regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly and it is important for banks to understand the current legal framework as well as general regulatory expectations and requirements.

The presentation will also address how to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures for banking or partnering with high-risk companies, including risk management best practices.

Compliance Question of the Week

QUESTION: For a HMDA reportable loan, when should a loan purpose be reported as "other"?


If a covered loan is not, or an application is not for, a home purchase loan, a home improvement loan, a refinancing, or a cash-out refinancing, a financial institution complies by reporting the covered loan or application as for a purpose other than home purchase, home improvement, refinancing, or cash-out refinancing.

For example, if a covered loan is for the purpose of paying educational expenses, the financial institution complies by reporting the covered loan as for a purpose other than home purchase, home improvement, refinancing, or cash-out refinancing.

An institution is also required to report a covered loan or application as for a purpose other than home purchase, home improvement, refinancing, or cash-out refinancing if it is a refinancing but, under the terms of the agreement, the financial institution was unconditionally obligated to refinance the obligation subject to conditions within the borrower's control.

Note: This data field is required for all HMDA reporting institutions.

Reference: 12 CFR 1003.4(a)(3); Comments 4(a)(3)-4. BCFP Partial Exemptions Interpretive & Procedural Rule published 9/7/18.

QUESTION: If the bank issues an unsolicited access device is it a violation of Regulation E?


A bank may issue an unsolicited access device (for example a combination debit card and PIN) if the bank's ATM system has been programmed not to accept the device until after the consumer requests and the bank validates the device. Merely instructing a consumer not to use an unsolicited debit card and PIN until after the bank verifies the consumer's identity does not comply with the regulation.

Further, a bank may use any reasonable means, to verify the consumer's identity, however, even if a reasonable means was used, if the bank fails to verify correctly the consumer's identity and an imposter succeeds in having the device validated, the consumer is not liable for any unauthorized transfers from the account.

Reference: Official Staff Interpretation 1005.5, comments 1 and 4

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Community Banker University offers a variety of online training options with courses that build knowledge and a strong foundation within key areas of the banking industry and professional development.

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The courses in the Community Banker Compliance Certificate Program are designed to give community bankers the knowledge and skills they need to become experts in regulatory compliance. The certificate program consists of four critical learning areas.

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One of the three elements of an effective compliance program is monitoring and corrective action. These compliance working papers are essential for monitoring your financial institution’s compliance with federal consumer compliance laws and regulations.

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The Bank Compliance Checkup Program provides a comprehensive system for on-going monitoring of your bank’s compliance with Deposit, Lending, Administrative and IT/Tech/Security regulations.

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