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ICBA 2013 Convention banner

Convention Twitter Handles

Not sure who to follow for #ICBALive14 updates?  Start with this list!

ICBA @ICBA ICBA's official Twitter handle
Cam Fine @Cam_Fine President and CEO
Terry Jorde @TerryJorde SEVP and Chief of Staff
Chris Lorence @ChrisCommando Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer
David Haithcock @DHaith Executive Director/Executive VP at California Independent Bankers
Paul Merski @PMerski Executive VP and Chief Economist
Tim Cook @IBTimPCook Senior VP, Publications
Aleis Stokes @AleisStokes Senior VP, Media and Public Relations
Joe Schneider @SchneiderJoe05 Senior VP of State Relations
Audrey Wright Cipriano @WrightCipriano Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy
Ann Chen @ajchen317 Senior Social Media Specialist
Beau Ballin @BeauBallin Beau Ballin
Kevin Blair @BlairKevin Kevin Blair
Pam Chambers @SpeakOutHawaii Pam Chambers
Neil Falken @NeilFalken Neil Falken
Andrew Greenawalt @andygreenawalt Andrew Greenawalt
Andrew Ginstead @AndyGrinstead_ Andrew Grinstead
Jim Kisch @JimKisch Jim Kisch
Gabe Krajicek @gmkrajicek Gabe Krajicek
Makana Risser Chai @MakanaChai Makana Risser Chai
Kaala Souza @Kaala Kaala Souza
Ashley Dennis @ashrockdennis Ashley Dennis, TN
Noah Wilcox @WALoving Bill Loving, WV
Blake Heid @BlakeHeid Blake Heid, KS
Chris Jordan @Pokefoolj Chris Jordan, OK
Jack Hartings @JJHartings Jack Hartings, OH
Jill Castilla @JillCastilla Jill Castilla, OK
Jim Donnelly @JamesODonnelly1 Jim Donnelly, ME
John Buhrmaster @JohnBuhr John Burhrmaster, NY
Kelly Jordan @kellyj_jordan Kelly Jordan, OK
Noah Wilcox @NWWilcox Noah Wilcox, MN
Preston Kennedy @BankPres Preston Kennedy, LA

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