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Technology Workshops

The following is a preliminary list with brief descriptions of educational workshops. (subject to change)

Personalizing the World of Fraud*
We will explore the face of fraud from a holistic versus purely a product perspective. Hear how the contribution of data from EMV updates will be mixed with Fraud Alert Management initiatives to help influence a more secure and robust environment. And, learn about the personalized tools available that will engage your customer in contributing to their own fraud protection while ensuring that your program is utilizing the processor, the bank and the consumer in a well-rounded strategy to limit the growing risk and exposure for community banks. Key takeaways will include: EMV chip migration's impact to fraud reduction; Consumer Controlled Fraud and Fraud Alert Management - rules, strategies and practices that help community banks make the best use of the state-of-the-art tools available.

Protecting Your Bank Against Data Breaches/CyberSecurityAttacks*
Is our bank protected from cyber and data breaches that continue to attack financial institutions? Hear how to ensure your bank is protected and help you manage the impact of a breach once it happens. Unprepared banks may incur many costs when responding to a breach, including breach notification, account monitoring, possible regulatory action, litigation defense and reputational damage. How well is your bank protected from security and data breaches? Is your third-party processor doing everything it can to protect you from breaches? Learn how to respond to any breaches, but also help prevent them through your third party processor.

Simplify Your Bank’s IT with a Comprehensive Cloud Computing Strategy*
Banks are experiencing a lot of pressure to support, maintain, and secure their technology. Learn how a fully outsourced cloud computing technology model is one of the fastest growing areas for banks who want to compete more effectively, increase profitability, create new efficiencies, and cut IT management costs. Engage in an interactive demo of cloud computing and clearly demonstrate how it can simplify your bank’s IT service delivery, budgeting, risk management, even examinations.

How to Protect my Business Customers from Payment and Corporate Account Take Over*
Join fraud and security experts in this interactive discussion that explores case studies from real fraud events. Hear their experiences investigating fraud along with lessons learned the hard way by both the bank and their targeted business customer. Discuss best and emerging practices and controls to safe guard the bank and its business customers from the latest fraud trends. Discuss and share ideas focused on helping banks assist their business customers in becoming better at securing the customers side of the payment system/payment fraud equation.

Core Bank Processing In-house Vs. Outsourced*
Has your bank been considering if in-house or outsourced core processing is best? Many banks are asking questions about the right method of processing for their organization. Review the trends, discuss differentiators, identify some of the risks and benefits associated with both methods of processing, and confirm some truths, and debunk some myths around the two processing methods.

Performance Management; Get the Best Outcome*
Ronald Reagan once said “Information is the oxygen of the modern age.” For financial institutions, easy and immediate access to key performance information is a critical component of their financial health. In a business climate defined by slow growth, regulatory pressure, and thinning margins, financial institutions must be more nimble than ever before in capitalizing on profit making opportunities—and solving problems early. Address the biggest principles and drivers of value, what can impact those core metrics and how FIs can leverage information and insights to drive profit-making action through quick analysis that simultaneously pleases your board and satisfies regulators.

* These workshops/sessions qualify for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of the session.

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