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Leadership Development Workshops

The following is a preliminary list with brief descriptions of educational workshops. (subject to change)

The Unpredictable Consumer-Trends For 2014 and Beyond*
Chances are your customers are not all the same. They have different needs based on a variety of influences. As a banker, it is important to understand the trends in consumer behavior when it comes to spending money, banking in general and developing products and services that will be in demand now and in the future. Learn about these trends and how your bank can adapt to serve the needs of all customers.

What is This Digital Wallet Thing All About? Breaking it Down*
The hot topic in the world of payments is the Digital Wallet. Consumers will be drawn to participate in these online wallets, so community banks will want to know how to get involved. Learn about this rapidly emerging payment method.

Tough Questions, Real Answers and Free Advice*
This session will tackle real questions from throughout the last year, asked by bankers just like you from across the country. Bring your own tough questions or dilemmas for the dispensing of some “free” advice. Always entertaining, fun and informative, this session will provide practical, honest answers to challenges you face each and every day.

Building Your Own Best Business Model*
Studies indicate that 90% of banks are re-evaluating their business model. But what constitutes an effective model in today’s environment? Leveraging our landmark study findings, in this valuable “hands-on” workshop bank CEOs, executive management, and Directors will learn the key components of your bank’s own business model. Next, identify what gaps exist in your current model from those top performing banks. Learn how to pinpoint possible shifts in your model to optimize bank performance over the long term.

Every Circus Needs a Ringmaster*
Take a close look at challenges community bank leaders have identified as critical to success…organization design, support systems, management consensus and resource management. Challenge your leaders to assess the organization and examine what must be done to establish a foundation for sustainable success. Hear how to develop a vision for success and become an active change agent to achieve results.

Improving Your Bank’s Scorecard with SBA Lending*
Whether your bank is already involved in SBA lending or you’ve never played before, it’s a gimme. Every bank is defined by the level of service you deliver to your community, and your involvement with SBA lending can place your institution on the leader board – by enabling you to help put businesses of all sizes in a better position to thrive. Discuss tips and best practices to improve SBA lending success for your customers, while expanding the benefits your bank receives. Identify prime industries and prospects to target, and discuss how non-traditional borrowers can expand your bank’s relationships as well as your portfolio.

* These workshops/sessions qualify for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of the session.

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