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  • QUESTION: Is the director of an affiliate bound by the extension of credit requirements of Regulation O?


    Regulation O states:

    Extensions of credit to a director of an affiliate of a bank are not subject to sections:

    • 215.4 “General Prohibitions”,
    • 215.6 “Prohibitions on knowingly receiving unauthorized extensions of credit”, and
    • 215.8 “Records of member banks”

    If, the director of the affiliate is excluded, by resolution of the board of directors or by the bylaws of the bank, from participation in major policy making functions of the bank, and the director does not actually participate in such functions.

    Reference: Regulation O: 12 CFR 215.2(d)(2).


  • QUESTION: May a bank rely on an oral or written statement regarding the use of covered loan proceeds with regard to HMDA reporting?


    Yes, a financial institution may rely on the oral or written statement of an applicant regarding the proposed use of covered loan proceeds. For example, a lender could use a check-box or a purpose line on a loan application to determine whether the applicant intends to use covered loan proceeds for home improvement purposes.

    Note: This data field is required for all HMDA reporting institutions.

    Reference: 12 CFR 1003.4(a)(3); Comments 4(a)(3)-1. BCFP Partial Exemptions Interpretive & Procedural Rule published 9/7/18

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