Compliance Vault FAQs

Welcome to the Compliance Vault. Have questions? We’ve got answers.

  • 1. How do I access the ICBA Compliance Vault?

  • 2. How do I search once I log into the Compliance Vault?

  • 3. If I have a compliance question, may I call in and get an answer from the Community Banker University team?

  • 4. What is the cost of the Compliance Vault? What will the price be after the first year?

  • 5. Can our bank gain access to an introductory trial of the Compliance Vault to determine if this subscription will work for us?

  • 6. Can you narrow a search? For example, can a user input “flood notice” to search for the specific flood notice form instead of generating all results that include the words “flood” and “notice?”

  • 7. Can Q&As be printed?

  • 8. Will the Q&A content expand as questions from users are submitted and answered? Is the Vault content updated?

  • 9. Why should we maintain our online subscription? Is there a way to fully integrate our current online course subscriptions into the Compliance Vault?

  • 10. Are online courses included in the Compliance Vault subscription price?

  • 11. Are the online courses included in the Compliance Vault the same as the bank wide compliance courses included in the Online Full Library subscription?

  • 12. Do you offer a chat function?

  • 13. Does the Compliance Vault cover all areas of regulatory compliance including deposit, lending, marketing, and advertising?

  • 14. Can I find bank policies within the Vault?

  • 15. Will the Compliance Vault replace the ICBA Compliance Deskbook?

  • 16. Will subscribers be notified when guides/documents and Q&A are updated?