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  • Q. What happens when an EMV terminal fails to process a transaction?

  • Q. I am suddenly receiving an abundance of emails and suspicious phone calls from merchants and other vendors requesting verification of customer information. Is there a scam currently underway that has not been made public?

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  • Q. What are the differences between MasterCard and Visa’s recently amended Fraud Loss Reimbursement programs?

  • Q. What is EMV and tokenization and how do they differ?—September 30, 2015

  • Q. In what circumstance is the issuer liable for fraud activity at the point of sale?—Sept. 23, 2015

  • Q. What does ICBA Bancard’s Fraud Loss Protection Plan (FLPP) cover?—Sept. 1. 2015

  • Q. What is EWB?—Aug. 15, 2015